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Who Was That “Combat Marine”?

The theatrics were so over the top it EXPOSED the hypocrisy.



Last Thursday’s September 14th Greenville County Republican Party (GCRP) Special Called Meeting was a HUGE VICTORY for fighting back against the old guard RINO “establishment” and the disgruntled GOP Swept team of lawyer & former GCRP Chairman (from the 1990s) Stephen Brown and former GCRP Treasurer Jeff Magg (the person that actually prepared the $2,500 / mth line item “budget” he now claims Greenville does not have – stay tuned).

Yes, much more on both of those two individuals part in this distraction to come … but the hypocrisy of the 24 hour notice special called meeting (they gave leadership 46 hours notice to evaluate and send out a broad email notification to 3,000 people) … all for documents from over 18 months ago … which they had been provided on multiple occasions … and had been passed unanimously (less one) by the GCRP Executive Committee on March 7, 2022, is starting to sink in with people as they catch up with the facts.

Was their real goal to create confusion & division? Absolutely!!!

But, don’t let it stress you … enjoy as this is the greatest TEACHING opportunity we could imagine. We now know the opposition had been working on this “staged” event for weeks … at least two weeks for sure … and the theatrics were so over the top it EXPOSED the hypocrisy.

Remember, when you give someone EVERYTHING they ask for and they are still not happy … it becomes obvious they have an ulterior motive. Try it … it is enlightening.

One of the EMMY AWARD WINNING performances of the meeting goes to former Greenville County Libertarian Party Chairman, Matt Wavle. His father, God rest his soul, was a previous GCRP State EC for several terms … and Matt portrays himself as an “activist” for Constitutional Rights.

See the 46 second “FREEDOM OF SPEECH” performance HERE.

Criminal Sexual Conduct:

(with a minor)

But, aside from Matt’s acting abilities and activism, he is also in A LOT of “current” criminal legal trouble with the police and the “establishment” here in Greenville.

Folks that know the background speculate that Matt’s impassioned performance was for some “help” in getting off of TEN current charges of CRIMINAL SEXUAL CONDUCT with a minor (under 11 years of age, 11 to 14 years of age, & 15 years of age).

Full Matt Wavle Inmate Search Click HERE

3 Page Criminal SLED Report:

Full SLED Report Click HERE

That is not good, but I personally think it also has to do with (#1) a personal vendetta as I was on the board of the SC Republican Liberty Caucus when he was unanimously voted off that same board a few years back … or perhaps (#2) a simple need for public attention. But in either case it is not because some people are having their First Amendment Rights taken away … I ACTUALLY WANT YOU TO HEAR FROM THESE PEOPLE, and hear how ridiculous they are … so that First Amendment claim is simply laughable as you will see – so stay tuned!!!

Maybe we will invite them on the Podcast … and watch them decline their “First Amendment Rights” then. Everyone knows I love talking with these folks and letting them expose themselves. #TruthMatters!!! 😉

[PROGRAMMING NOTE: This FIRST AMENDMENT claim relates to several legal “Trespass Notices” that have gone back and forth here in Greenville … and we will be learning about that in the coming week as well … it is very interesting and we think you will enjoy.]

INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY: Now Mr. Wavle has not been convicted of these ten charges from 6/24/2021 yet … so we must presume his innocence at this time. But this is certainly not his first run in with the law. (HERE & HERE just from 2016).

The RINOs & GOP Swept Team

As we communicated yesterday, this is a combined effort in Greenville (we believe working with SCGOP Chairman Drew McKissick) of the “old guard” establishment RINOs & some disgruntled GOP Swept (Stephen Brown) who lost their bid to take over during the 2023 ReOrg & Greenville County Convention … and are envious.

PRIORITIES!!!: We are losing our Country … and these swept people are manipulating good folks with their LIES and innuendo. We still have Drew McKissick today because of actions of these people … so as we teach, “Watch what they DO, not what they SAY!”

It is not new as they have done this before… as it is apparently their only option to manipulate and “try to win” … but partnering with folks having current criminal backgrounds such as blogger Corey Allen Whittington (HERE) and now Matt Wavle … and of course none of us can forget Roan Garcia-Quintana (HERE) who nominated Stephen Brown for my current position of GCRP State Executive Committeeman … it is just all so distasteful.

But if you were a “Never Trumper” as Stephen Brown was … you are probably are going to be a “Never Jeff Davis” too. 😉


“The Sauna Meeting”


YouTube HERE

Dum spiro spero 



Jeff Davis is co-founder of . Jeff is a ’89 graduate of The Citadel and in 1993 received his Law/MBA from USC. A tax attorney / CPA licensed in Georgia, Jeff is an uncompromised school choice advocate for K-12 children with special needs. Originally from Charleston, and having practiced in Atlanta, Jeff and his wife Olga now live in Greenville. Jeff completed his two year term as Greenville County Republican Party Chairman and is currently serving as GCRP State Executive Committeeman.


Good News Friday – Dec 1, 2023

MAGA is on the battlefield and advancing!



Another busy week! We are excited for our newest installment of GOOD NEWS FRIDAY with our good friend Lawrence Lantz.

This week’s theme … MAGA is on the battlefield and advancing!

Enjoy …

Good News with Lawrence:

This week: MAGA is on the battlefield and advancing!

YouTube HERE

News Summary:

1) Trump at The Palmetto Bowl

2) Trump Game Plan: 

  • Time to revamp the RNC
  • Not backing down over fraud claims
  • Not backing down over J6

3) Winning in the Polls

4) Big donors rolling back to Trump:

  • Harold Hamm
  • Bernie Marcus
  • Diane Hendricks
  • Tillaman Fertitta
  • Don Tapia

5) Trump Endorsements:

  • Moms For America
  • Rep. Clay Higgins
  • Andrew Tate
  • Mark Fisher

6) Winning in the Media:

  • Laura Loomer
  • Elon Musk
  • Tommy Robinson
  • More investigation into Seth Rich’s death

7) Winning in the Culture:

  • America Fest 2023
  • Latinos for Trump

8) Litigation and revelation in regards to COVID 19 vaccine

9) Sound Of Freedom producer running for President of Mexico

10) Election Integrity is NOT going away

11) Is God interested in government?

  • Women’s rights
  • Paying workers on time
  • Ensuring medical safety for the community
  • Hygiene laws
  • Sanitation
  • Clean water
  • Ownership rights
  • National welfare program for the poor
  • Treatment of foreigners in the land
  • Inheritance rights
  • Money lending & debt collection
  • Crimes & appropriate punishments
  • What constitutes evidence in trials
  • Protection against false teachers / wrong education
  • Proper treatment / protection of animals
  • Correct gender distinctions
  • The setting up of judges in every town
  • Requirements for the eventual national rulers (kings)
  • Boundaries in conducting warfare
  • Accepts many forms of government

12) Reasons why God may lift up Trump as the next President?

  • Judges
  • Ended Roe v. Wade
  • Middle East peace
  • Rule of Law
  • Destroyed enemies of Israel
  • Lifted the poor
  • Right to Try
  • Jerusalem embassy / Golan Heights
  • Protected religious freedoms
  • Opioids / drug cartels / human trafficking
  • How God worked with kings

13)  Scott Presler goes to Pennsylvania

14) Ex-White House Doctor: don’t vote for Biden

15) Jan 6 videos kept getting released

16) Revival in the House continues!

17) Christian NBA player launches clothing line with scripture verses

18) At least additional 30,000 babies born since Roe v. Wade overturn

ALL Good News!

Good News with Lawrence:

This Week … MAGA is on the battlefield and advancing!

YouTube HERE

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FITS 2024

A BLM (Rhode Island) Founder Endorses TRUMP?

Yes, it is going to be a really interesting election season.



11/29/2023 FOX News Interview: HERE

Our good friend Lawrence Lantz has been sharing with you for months now on his GOOD NEWS FRIDAY video segment (filmed on Wednesday evenings, posted on Fridays) that there is an ongoing shift among Black Voters for President TRUMP.

Week after week after week after week Lawrence shared with us the ever growing list of Black Voters coming out for TRUMP. There seems to be an awakening in the Democratic Party base (as there has been in the Republican Party base) that the Party leadership is more interested in themselves and the monied special interest than their constituents. It has gotten so bad that even the leftwing mainstream media has been appearing in a panic as of late (HERE, HERE & HERE.)

And as the articles point out … it is not just Black Voters, it is Hispanic Voters as well.

Recall that we have in fact been saying it from the beginning … this is not a battle between R vs D … or Left vs. Right … this is a battle between the Unitparty Leadership Elites in both Parties vs. We The People.


Well, yesterday it kinda hit a new level. Mark Fisher, a co-founder of the Rhode Island affiliate of Black Lives Matter (Wikipedia Article HERE) appeared on FOX News and publicly endorsed President TRUMP (HERE). He even went further to accuse the Democrats of “racist” policies.

That is powerful.

Now granted, Mr. Fisher was only a co-founder of the Rhode Island affiliate … not the entire national organization … and he was only speaking for himself … and we are sure he will be rebuked, ostracized, and possible worse for speaking up. But it is indicative of the greater shift in Black Voters and others.

As the song goes … “We’re not going to take it … anymore!!!” (HERE)

Yes, it is going to be a really interesting election season.

Truth Social Link: HERE

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FITS 2024

The REAL Nikki Haley – Republican County Party Press Release



TRUMP 2024 Website GCRP Post: HERE

PDF Copy of the GCRP Press Release: HERE

Now this was back in February, but one of our supporters suggested yesterday that we share this again as we had never added an article online and he thought people (especially new followers since February) would like to know.

Basically on February 15, 2023, Nikki Haley officially launched her candidacy during a campaign event in Charleston, South Carolina.

On that same day, the Greenville County Republican Party (GCRP) issued a press release entitled “The Real Nikki Haley”. (For PDF, click HERE.)

Well, the TRUMP Team received a copy and on February 17th, 2023, they saw fit to share it on the website. See above.

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