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Double Standards & Lost Perspective

Party Politics Insanity



We focus locally … at the PRECINCT level … so we don’t distract ourselves with international stuff … but the above picture of Volodymyr Zelenskyy crossed our screen and we could not pass up the opportunity to note the similarities to local grassroots politics.

How much money have we given this guy? $113 BILLION as of 6/2/2023 per Senator John Kennedy (R – LA) (HERE) … since the war started just more than a year ago.

Seriously?1?1? $113 billion to that “dude” … who looks and dresses just like Cuba’s Fidel Castro from the 1960s … while speaking at the United Nations … literally yesterday?!?!?!

I’m not opining on the pros and cons of aid to Ukraine (although Poland just announced they are stopping military arms shipments to Ukraine this week over a trade dispute – HERE) … that is a much bigger issue for others to debate … but on the surface, the loss of perspective … I’d call it “insanity” … is similar to what we see locally as well.

It is why many “old guard” establishment and RINO types have walked away from Republican GOP activities for other endeavors … SAYING ALL OF THIS IS EMBARRASSING & DISTASTEFUL … and others have stepped up and embraced the ugly and nuttiness.

Note, it is not the America FIRST folks causing this stepping aside, it is the envious ones who can’t handle losing ReOrg elections.

Local Insanity Reflects National?

Over the past two days we introduced you to the 3 page SLED report of a “blogger” from the lowcountry (HERE) … and a Greenville “activist” with 10 CURRENT charges for CRIMINAL SEXUAL CONDUCT (with a minor) (HERE).

Both were active opposition participants at last Thursdays Greenville County Republican Party (GCRP) special meeting. The response I got from one? A defensive Facebook post blaming his doctor for his drug addiction & criminal record (we know the psychology there) … and a slanderous (and FALSE) statement that I “forged signatures and stole $950k from a single family.

Oh well, that will be fun in court … AGAIN!!! Most interesting might be to see “who” (i.e., the SCGOP) covers his legal cost. Stay tuned …

[ NOTE ON FORGIVENESS: Everybody has “something” in their past. That is (generally) expected and understandable if we repent and learn from it … make amends to the victims as well as family, friends & the community … but what we are seeing locally and nationally is not normal … and it is why some folks have stepped away from the “establishment” & RINO side as it is embarrassing to associate with unrepentant people.]

Party Politics Insanity:

All of this nuttiness is worse and exacerbated in the #FakeMEDIA and politics.

DEMOCRAT INSANITY: We see the Biden Family flaunting apparently obvious crimes in our face … and Democrats act like it is just fine. We have all seen the pictures of Hunter Biden in an obvious “drugged up” state. It’s not normal and not acceptable in society.

REPUBLICAN INSANITY: But we also have Republican’s doing the same thing. Nationally we have the TRUMP Derangement Syndrome out of the likes of Mitt Romney, Dick Chaney, and so many others who can’t stop fixating on the man no matter what he does.

And locally we have the JEFF DAVIS Derangement Syndrome … when I have never been accused of a crime (to my knowledge), never interviewed by a police officer over an alleged crime … and certainly not arrested, jailed, prosecuted, or convicted of a crime … nor do I have any family member or close associate that I am aware of involved in any crimes or shady dealings.

All I do is push “real” school choice (Pass S 285, the PACE Scholarship Bill) … the Republican Platform … and teach people what is really going on in our political system that has SC rated the Most Liberal Red State in the Nation by our friends at CPAC (HERE).

LOCAL PARTY INSANITY: But locally in South Carolina we have it as well … and the two parties accept as OK and normal certain behavior and associations that would not be tolerated otherwise. I wouldn’t say much about it, but for the derangement some legislators and party gadflies make about it all.

I was done with it all when any elected official, party official, Christian, pastor … really ANYBODY … accepted the activities of my predecessor, former GCRP Chairman Nate Leupp (current SCGOP 4th District Chair). The 2021 ReOrg FRAUD is documented in a 13 page report (HERE) prepared by people that hate me … so you know it is bad. One opposition appointed committee member has a SLED Report a mile long and drunkenly assaulted me at a Congressman William Timmons’ event – documented in a filed a police report and a restraining order request against him.

The activities involving the ReOrg FRAUD physically occurred at MAJESTY MUSIC offices … the place of employment of Mr. Leupp, and run by the SC Freedom Caucus Chairman. There all all sorts of questions about Mr. Leupp, but when you combine it with his 1st Cousin being on the INTERPOL Most Wanted list for Possession & Distribution of Child Pornography … and then you connect Majesty Music to an international DRUG SMUGGLER. When everyone seems to know these things here in Greenville and are all “hush hush” about it … this truly is national insanity on a local level.

But watch … today certain people will call me the “bad guy” for speaking publicly about this … while these same folks cry about a 2008 … 15 years ago … bank investment of mine that went south.

Well, PASS “REAL” SCHOOL CHOICE and show you care about K-12 children with special needs … as opposed to your careers. That is what I’m sacrificing for … you?


Click Image above or HERE

1st Cousin from Greenville & BJU:

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Majesty (Christian) Music:

“Randy Garlock”

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Times Are Changing:

But, don’t worry … we see things changing in the “good ole boy” State of South Carolina.

Just in the last week the Ron Rallis (see below) settled his divorce case involving Congressman William Timmons (R – SC, 4th District). Rallis appears to have gotten everything he wanted (custody of his daughter) in what avoided testimony by Congressman Timmons in the divorce case.

We also saw an Alex Murdaugh associated attorney Cory Fleming sentenced to almost 14 years (originally reported at 20 years) for his participation from a financial / documentation perspective. Federal Judge Richard Gergel only gave Cory 3 years … but the state court Judge Clifton Newman threw the book at him. That would not have happened 5 years ago.

Both Cory & Alex were 1994 classmates of mine at USC Law School … and as I tell people all the time, what was going on in Hampton County was not a secret to anyone … and not unique in our state. Put it this way … the same things (with a little twist) go on right here in Greenville County and I am sure nearly everywhere else in our State.

It has to STOP!!!

We are getting closer … but all this insanity has to be EXPOSED … and it has to STOP.

I give people chances all the time to come clean (even privately so as to avoid embarrassment) and start doing the right things. Most people decline … usually out of arrogance. But that all is changing. The insanity has reached a level where it is obvious to nearly EVERYONE. Ten charges of Criminal Sexual Conduct with a minor … and you are willing to show your face and feign outrage at a GCRP Special Meeting?!?!? Even if you were completely innocent, with those current charges outstanding normal people would be worried about something other than a Trespass Notice given to another political individual with a criminal drug background.

The above is not to dox people … and it frankly is just the TIP OF THE ICEBERG … so expect more as a necessary step in coming clean … but it is to serve as a continuing reminder that nothing is what is seems in politics … and to …


I really can’t wait for Good News Friday with Lawrence tomorrow, and a shower today.



Jeff Davis is co-founder of . Jeff is a ’89 graduate of The Citadel and in 1993 received his Law/MBA from USC. A tax attorney / CPA licensed in Georgia, Jeff is an uncompromised school choice advocate for K-12 children with special needs. Originally from Charleston, and having practiced in Atlanta, Jeff and his wife Olga now live in Greenville. Jeff completed his two year term as Greenville County Republican Party Chairman and is currently serving as GCRP State Executive Committeeman.


Good News Friday – Dec 1, 2023

MAGA is on the battlefield and advancing!



Another busy week! We are excited for our newest installment of GOOD NEWS FRIDAY with our good friend Lawrence Lantz.

This week’s theme … MAGA is on the battlefield and advancing!

Enjoy …

Good News with Lawrence:

This week: MAGA is on the battlefield and advancing!

YouTube HERE

News Summary:

1) Trump at The Palmetto Bowl

2) Trump Game Plan: 

  • Time to revamp the RNC
  • Not backing down over fraud claims
  • Not backing down over J6

3) Winning in the Polls

4) Big donors rolling back to Trump:

  • Harold Hamm
  • Bernie Marcus
  • Diane Hendricks
  • Tillaman Fertitta
  • Don Tapia

5) Trump Endorsements:

  • Moms For America
  • Rep. Clay Higgins
  • Andrew Tate
  • Mark Fisher

6) Winning in the Media:

  • Laura Loomer
  • Elon Musk
  • Tommy Robinson
  • More investigation into Seth Rich’s death

7) Winning in the Culture:

  • America Fest 2023
  • Latinos for Trump

8) Litigation and revelation in regards to COVID 19 vaccine

9) Sound Of Freedom producer running for President of Mexico

10) Election Integrity is NOT going away

11) Is God interested in government?

  • Women’s rights
  • Paying workers on time
  • Ensuring medical safety for the community
  • Hygiene laws
  • Sanitation
  • Clean water
  • Ownership rights
  • National welfare program for the poor
  • Treatment of foreigners in the land
  • Inheritance rights
  • Money lending & debt collection
  • Crimes & appropriate punishments
  • What constitutes evidence in trials
  • Protection against false teachers / wrong education
  • Proper treatment / protection of animals
  • Correct gender distinctions
  • The setting up of judges in every town
  • Requirements for the eventual national rulers (kings)
  • Boundaries in conducting warfare
  • Accepts many forms of government

12) Reasons why God may lift up Trump as the next President?

  • Judges
  • Ended Roe v. Wade
  • Middle East peace
  • Rule of Law
  • Destroyed enemies of Israel
  • Lifted the poor
  • Right to Try
  • Jerusalem embassy / Golan Heights
  • Protected religious freedoms
  • Opioids / drug cartels / human trafficking
  • How God worked with kings

13)  Scott Presler goes to Pennsylvania

14) Ex-White House Doctor: don’t vote for Biden

15) Jan 6 videos kept getting released

16) Revival in the House continues!

17) Christian NBA player launches clothing line with scripture verses

18) At least additional 30,000 babies born since Roe v. Wade overturn

ALL Good News!

Good News with Lawrence:

This Week … MAGA is on the battlefield and advancing!

YouTube HERE

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FITS 2024

A BLM (Rhode Island) Founder Endorses TRUMP?

Yes, it is going to be a really interesting election season.



11/29/2023 FOX News Interview: HERE

Our good friend Lawrence Lantz has been sharing with you for months now on his GOOD NEWS FRIDAY video segment (filmed on Wednesday evenings, posted on Fridays) that there is an ongoing shift among Black Voters for President TRUMP.

Week after week after week after week Lawrence shared with us the ever growing list of Black Voters coming out for TRUMP. There seems to be an awakening in the Democratic Party base (as there has been in the Republican Party base) that the Party leadership is more interested in themselves and the monied special interest than their constituents. It has gotten so bad that even the leftwing mainstream media has been appearing in a panic as of late (HERE, HERE & HERE.)

And as the articles point out … it is not just Black Voters, it is Hispanic Voters as well.

Recall that we have in fact been saying it from the beginning … this is not a battle between R vs D … or Left vs. Right … this is a battle between the Unitparty Leadership Elites in both Parties vs. We The People.


Well, yesterday it kinda hit a new level. Mark Fisher, a co-founder of the Rhode Island affiliate of Black Lives Matter (Wikipedia Article HERE) appeared on FOX News and publicly endorsed President TRUMP (HERE). He even went further to accuse the Democrats of “racist” policies.

That is powerful.

Now granted, Mr. Fisher was only a co-founder of the Rhode Island affiliate … not the entire national organization … and he was only speaking for himself … and we are sure he will be rebuked, ostracized, and possible worse for speaking up. But it is indicative of the greater shift in Black Voters and others.

As the song goes … “We’re not going to take it … anymore!!!” (HERE)

Yes, it is going to be a really interesting election season.

Truth Social Link: HERE

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FITS 2024

The REAL Nikki Haley – Republican County Party Press Release



TRUMP 2024 Website GCRP Post: HERE

PDF Copy of the GCRP Press Release: HERE

Now this was back in February, but one of our supporters suggested yesterday that we share this again as we had never added an article online and he thought people (especially new followers since February) would like to know.

Basically on February 15, 2023, Nikki Haley officially launched her candidacy during a campaign event in Charleston, South Carolina.

On that same day, the Greenville County Republican Party (GCRP) issued a press release entitled “The Real Nikki Haley”. (For PDF, click HERE.)

Well, the TRUMP Team received a copy and on February 17th, 2023, they saw fit to share it on the website. See above.

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