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Ashe in America: Team America First Destroys the Establishment

On Opposition Turf, with Opposition Rules, and Opposition Refs



Credit: Ashe in America (

Wow – reading the below piece by Ashe in America it’s like deja vu for those of us in the fight here in South Carolina! It is also a roadmap and blueprint for how to beat the establishment at its own game. This is an excellent blog “actively documenting the Great American Gaslight” that you can and should subscribe to HERE … but in the meantime, read below what is being reported on what is happening in the Colorado Republican Party! America First is winning!

*The below is a copy of an article from Ashe in America blog (you can subscribe and read it HERE) and FULL credit goes to the author.

In January 2021, longtime grassroots leaders in Colorado’s Republican party began coaching the newly engaged, mad-as-hell election integrity activists on how to reclaim the party for the people.

The strategy is now a national movement known as the Precinct Strategy, led by Dan Schultz and Steve Stern. The Precinct Strategy aims to elect America First patriots as voting members within the local Republican Party apparatus, using party bylaws to reclaim power and control from the donor class and restore it to the people.

Colorado was doing it before it was cool, though, I admit, I never believed it would be successful.

I am not a Republican, but as one of those pissed off election activists, I’ve watched the business of the Colorado Republican Party with great interest. I stand with the people, and I’ve written extensively about their battles with the establishment over the past two years. 

Silly Games, Silly Prizes

El Paso County, Colorado is the most populous county in Colorado, with 722,736 residents according to the most recent US Census. Colorado Springs is the county seat, lovingly referred to as Olympic City USA since the US Olympic and Paralympic Training Center calls the city home.

El Paso County is also unique in that it is the only county in the nation that is home to five US military commands: Fort Carson, the United States Air Force Academy, Peterson Air Force Base, Schriever Air Force Base, and Cheyenne Mountain, which houses the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). 

El Paso County also happens to be the fifth largest Republican party in the nation.

The Deep State and Military Industrial Complex vibes are strong here, so it should not be surprising that the attempts of the people to reclaim their party from the establishment have been a series of vicious and seemingly failed battles since the stolen election on November 3, 2020. 

The latest battle has been underway for nearly a year.

In March and April of 2022, after America First patriots swept the Republican County Assemblies and State Assembly and Convention, the El Paso County establishment did an about face on their calls for unity and established “Peak Republicans” – an alternate GOP apparatus for El Paso County. 

On March 31, 2022 they filed for the trade name and, on January 18, 2023, filed to renew the trade name. 

Source: Secretary of State Business Entity Registration Database

It’s important to understand that this alternate party entity was formed by the establishment while the existing party was enjoying the highest participation levels in more than a decade.

Under Chairwoman Vickie Tonkins’ leadership, the El Paso County Republican Party was growing, exciting voters, and moving the people from apathy to action. 

Still, my sources tell me that Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown attended the “grand opening” of the Peak Republicans’ office in Colorado Springs in April 2022.

I’ve long said that the Republican establishment is perfectly content being the minority in our state, and the establishment is fighting hard to stop the populist growth of the party. Allow me to make my case. 

Make Your Move: Swampy Players in the Colorado Swamp Annex

Chairwoman Burton Brown was elected in 2021. Her victory was solely due to grassroots candidates throwing their support – their votes – her way in the third round of voting. 

The shift was not about confidence in Burton Brown; rather, the Chairwoman’s success was an effort to defeat former Republican Secretary of State Scott Gessler. Prior to the third vote, Gessler took the first two rounds.  Pivotal in Burton-Brown’s victory were the votes of El Paso County Chairwoman Vickie Tonkins and her county’s voting members.

During his time as Secretary of State, Gessler held an investigation into electronic voting equipment, wrote standards for its use, and paved the way for his predecessor, Wayne Williams, to bring Dominion Voting Systems into the state of Colorado. 

Side Note: Former Secretary of State Williams is currently serving as Colorado Springs City Councilman At Large as well as Senior Advisor to Runbeck Election Services. He was one of the appointed overseers for Mesa County elections after Secretary Griswold illegally removed Clerk Tina Peters from her post in 2021. But wait, there’s more!

Williams’ wife Holly Williams is an El Paso County Commissioner with oversight of election contracts, including those awarded to Runbeck Election Services – the latest of which occurred last year. Runbeck Election Services…where her husband is a Senior Advisor. You really can’t make this up.

Wayne Williams is currently running for Mayor of Colorado Springs against Benghazi war hero John “Tig” Tiegan. These are all Republicans, these swampy and conflicted players. Colorado’s election issues, the inception of the Election Fraud Test Kitchen, is predominantly the work of Republicans, not Democrats. 

Back to our story, during Burton Brown’s 2021 election, activists held the line and demanded promises from the Chairwoman on matters of election integrity. She was only elected because the grassroots believed her promises. Immediately upon securing her post, she abandoned those promises. 

In July of 2022, any remaining doubt of the Chairwoman’s priorities vanished.

Immediately following the provably rigged Colorado Primary elections on June 28, 2022, Burton Brown assigned the party’s get out the vote effort – and all the resources that come with that assignment – to the Peak Republicans instead of the El Paso County Republican Party. 

Predictably, their get out the vote efforts failed – the unlikeable CO Republican establishment has zero political capital – and the triple communist majority in our state holds. 

Race Game: Setting the Narrative & Misleading the People

Immediately following their November midterm upset — the failed red wave — the Party establishment began pushing a specific narrative. Burton Brown went on the George Brauchler radio show to tease the idea of revoking a county’s GOP charter.

Brauchler’s show is a favorite outlet for the Burton Brown, and my readers will remember her performance last year where, following her humiliation at the state assembly, she disparaged 61% of party voting members while her Vice Chair referred to them as “Judas” – during Holy Week

In hindsight, Burton Brown was absolutely setting the narrative for the planned coup of the El Paso County Republican Party. 

In December, just after Christmas, then El Paso Treasurer-elect and sitting County Clerk & Recorder Chuck Broerman circulated a petition to force a meeting of the State Central Committee to remove the El Paso County Republican Party and ostensibly hand the power and resources to Peak Republicans. 

My readers will remember Broerman as the Gaslighter in Chief who oversaw the fraud-ridden recount of the 2022 Primary election:

Broerman’s petition required 25% of the State Central Committee members, roughly 125 signatures, and it failed.

But a failed petition wasn’t enough to stop those Peak Republicans! 

Just a few weeks ago in mid-January, a new complaint was issued, and Burton Brown inexplicably agreed to hold the meeting about El Paso despite the failure of Broerman’s petition. The State Chairwoman sent a Call to Meeting for the State Central Committee on January 31, 2023 via Zoom, but she did not include the complaint against the El Paso County Republicans in that correspondence. 

Rather, she sent the complaint to El Paso Chairwoman Tonkins, recommended that Tonkins craft a response, and promised to send both the complaint and Tonkins’ response to the full committee in advance of the meeting. 

Tonkins crafted a response that was signed by dozens of voting members; Burton Brown then refused to send the response out with the complaint because, in summary, “You didn’t write what I wanted you to write.”

Again, Burton Brown abandoned her promise, and only the complaint was sent to the members of the State Central Committee. 

On January 26, five days before Burton Brown’s meeting, Tonkins sent her Call to Meeting for the County Central Committee meeting on February 11. This meeting is important as it determines party leadership for the county; that is, this meeting is where voting members of the county party elect their party leadership for the next two year term.

Around that time, Tonkins filed a lawsuit against Burton Brown and the Colorado GOP, requesting that the state party be restricted from interfering in the business of the county party. 

A couple days later, on January 31, 2023, it was time for Burton Brown’s Zoom meeting. The meeting went exactly as you’d expect: 

  • Chairwoman Tonkins was removed from overseeing the upcoming county meetings. 
  • Oversight was assigned to a “neutral third party,” Burton Brown’s favorite Parliamentarian Greg Carlson. 
  • Location of the February 11 election was moved from the location announced by Tonkins’ to the Peak Republicans location.

Most importantly, the Credentialing Committee was prescribed to be the five Division Chairs in the county party – all of whom were sympathetic to the Peak Republicans’ cause.

Read the Full GOP Order Here.

A massive blow to America First, Tonkins and her team were resolved to have their own meeting on February 11, hopeful that the judge would rule in their favor.

To that end, on February 3, Tonkins asked the judge for the temporary restraining order against Burton Brown and the party. 

That request sat with the judge until February 9. 

Switcheroo: It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn

On February 9, just a few hours before the meeting of the Credentialing Committee, the judge threw out Tonkins’ lawsuit, including the restraining order. The judge cited lack of jurisdiction, claiming that it was not the role of the courts to engage in party business. Read the Judge’s Order Here.

Burton Brown took a victory lap, misrepresenting to the people that the judge had ruled against Tonkins when, in reality, the judge declined to rule at all.

Team America First was reeling, and Tonkins resolved to abstain from the Credentialing Committee meeting and move ahead with the El Paso County Republicans meeting on Saturday.  This would mean dueling County Central Committee meetings to elect party leadership. It would mean a divided party apparatus in the county, and a dispute to be settled at the State Central Committee Meeting in March.

The dispute would be legitimate but, during the January 31 Zoom meeting, it had been determined that the Peak Republican meeting would be the authoritative event. Thus, the dispute would likely be resolved in their favor.

For Team American First, the situation was dire. 

The Big Wheel: You Gotta Spin to Win

Remember how I said that the designation of the Credentialing Committee was the most important outcome of the January 31 Zoom meeting? 

Make no mistake, the purpose of the February 9th Credentialing Committee meeting was an effort to manipulate the party leadership vote on February 11. The matter being debated and decided was the status of 67 voting members that were legally appointed by El Paso County Republican leadership following the 2022 caucus. 

The status of those voting members elected at caucus was not in question, but those appointed after caucus were being challenged by the establishment. The El Paso County Republican Party bylaws absolutely allow the party leadership to appoint voting members into vacant roles. These 67 members were appointed by Tonkins’ team, so the establishment had high confidence that they were not friendly or sympathetic to the ongoing coup attempts of the Peak Republicans.  

Despite their legal blow earlier that day, Team America First attended the meeting and, at the last minute, convinced Tonkins to join as well. Parliamentarian Greg Carlson was presiding over the meeting, and he allowed Tonkins to participate and be recognized in the event intended to destroy her.

During the Credentialing Committee meeting, the establishment challenges were laughable. At one particularly humiliating moment, a Peak Republican attempted to challenge the voting member status of retired Border Patrol Chief and former El Paso County Sheriff Candidate Todd Watkins. 

Watkins attended the meeting as an observer, but when his name was called, he asked the Parliamentarian to be recognized, and he was allowed to speak. 

Watkins: “From what office are you attempting to remove me?”

Establishment: “Precinct Committeeman.”

Watkins: “Would it surprise the committee to find that I am not a Precinct Committeeman?”

Silence, then shuffling in the background.

Establishment: “Oh, it must be Bonus Member.”

Watkins: “Would it further surprise the committee to find that I am not a Bonus Member?”


Watkins: “I am sitting in my office at home? Is that the office you want to remove me from?”

The Parliamentarian declared that any Division Leader that removed a voting member must do so on the record and provide explicit cause for their removal.

In the end, the establishment was humiliated, and only two of the 67 appointed voting members were removed from their roles. With the El Paso County leadership elections less than 36 hours away, Team America First had their first glimmer of hope. 

And that’s when their strategy changed. 

Showcase Showdown 

It wasn’t easy to convince Chairwoman Vickie Tonkins to abandon her meeting and attend the Peak Republicans’ County Central Committee meeting. The level of corruption and overt process manipulation that occurred to bring about the Peak Republicans’ event made this a severe matter of principle. 

Had Tonkins held a competing meeting on February 11, the determination of the future of the county’s Republican party would become a matter for the State Central Committee to decide upon in March. 

After much debate, deliberation, and prayer, Tonkins listened to her team and, with just 12 hours to go, the El Paso County Republican changed course and called upon all voting members to attend the Peak Republican event. 

This decision was not without risk. In fact, Team America First was agreeing to play on the establishment’s home field, with the establishment’s referees, and the establishment’s rules. Parliamentarian Greg Carlson presided over the meeting. 444 voting members credentialed into the event. 

It was an absolute massacre. 

Vicki Tonkins was reelected Chairwoman of the county party, Todd Watkins was elected Vice Chair, and Adriana Cuva was elected to Secretary. All voting members at the State Central Committee level were won by Team America First. Additionally, the good guys swept five Senate, House, and County Commissioner Districts and secured a nuke-proof majority among the bonus members, securing 23 of 28 offices.

Reached for comment, the always classy Chairwoman Tonkins shared with me:

“One of the things that many of our Central Committee Members have said to me is, ‘We will play the game that KBB started. and let’s win it all on their turf, by their rules, and with all their chosen people to run everything.’

I ran nothing on Saturday. I did find it interesting that they did exactly what I do with paper ballots and counting in front of the crowd. 

I do want to give kudos to Gregory Carlson in running the meeting. I also want to give equal kudos to the Parliamentarian, Kevin Tebedo, who helped keep Carlson on point. I want to also thank Sheryl Glasgow, the former Secretary, for all her hard work and how she was graceful in completing her duties on Saturday. 

I am so proud of the hard work of many of the Members of our County Central Committee. They have worked almost two years to build the Republican Party in El Paso County. I am a fortunate woman to have the privilege to lead such amazing people.  I look forward to working with two great Americans, Vice Chair Todd Watkins and Secretary Adriana Cuva. 

My husband Rex Tonkins has supported me through all the highs and lows. He supports me with His prayers, many needed hugs, and the tears I shed for the County I love. 

I mainly want to give glory to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for His favor, grace, and mercy He showed all of us on Saturday. God was in complete control as people all over the United States were praying for God to vindicate me… He did!

Keep in mind that Chairwoman Tonkins has been persecuted and attacked by these people since she was first elected to her post and, as one of the only black female GOP Chairs in the country, she has been on the receiving end of some pretty vile tactics from the establishment.

Like I said, she’s always classy.

The establishment suffered a humiliating defeat on their own turf with their own rules and their own refs. 

Better yet, the decision to engage – and win – on the Peak Republicans’ turf makes it nearly impossible for Burton Brown and the establishment to revoke the El Paso County Republican Party charter and award it to Peak Republicans. 

They just don’t have the support. They don’t have the votes. 

Big Winner: America First 

As I said at the beginning of our story, I never believed the Precinct Strategy would be successful. Certainly, the establishment is fighting the will of the people every step of the way in Colorado, and nowhere is that more evident than in El Paso County.

But through the persistence of Team America First, I am happy to say that I was wrong. 

I was wrong.

Take note, I don’t have cause to say that very often.

Over the past two years, and certainly in the past few months, all odds appeared stacked against the people of El Paso County. The Swamp is deep here, and they spared no expense or tactic to disrupt and demoralize the efforts of the America First populists. 

With resolve and great faith, Team America First leaned in, put their shoulder to the wheel, and defeated the establishment on their own turf.

The Good Guys won. 

The People won. 

What happens in Colorado spreads across the nation. Usually that’s not a good thing, as the fraud test kitchen never stops baking. Usually, Colorado activist are screaming warnings to the nation.

But in this latest victory of the El Paso County America First Patriots, Colorado activists want to encourage the nation. We played on their turf, and we proved that America First is the majority. 

The gaslight to convince the people otherwise is strong and overwhelming, but the truth will out. Always.

In the words of President Donald J. Trump: 

“We will not bend. 

We will not break. 

We will not yield. 

We will never give in.

We will never give up.

We will never back down.

We will NEVER, ever surrender!”

The Colorado Right has delivered a priceless message to those engaged in the Precinct Strategy across the nation:

Don’t give up, play to win, and you will see victory.

Keep moving forward, Patriots.

The best is yet to come.


Dates, Dates & NEEDED Dates!!!

It is becoming clear that the SCGOP is not interested in publishing this basic informatio



MARCH REORG MADNESS starts on March 1st!!!

We have fielded dozens and dozens of messages asking for county ReOrg dates, times & locations for counties all over South Carolina.  

It is becoming clear that the SCGOP is not interested in publishing this basic information … we can only presume to keep TURNOUT DOWN.  The SCGOP has 5 or 6 paid staff, plus an additional 5 or so paid field staff … 10 or 11 paid folks in total … and the SCGOP still can’t put out a list of all county ReOrgs???  

Saturday May 13th has not been announced for the State Convention, but we found that date already published on 2 county websites … probably “told” by Drew McKissick early.  #Favortism!!!

Is it starting to become clear the SCGOP is doing this on purpose and truly does not want to grow the conservative base?

So … we have put together the below ReOrg dates, times & locations … but even after an extensive search yesterday, there are a lot of missing counties.  We were unable to find the ReOrg information on the respective websites or social media … perhaps that is why we are fielding so many massages asking!!! 

Check below for missing information, and if you can send us an UPDATE that would be greatly appreciated as we want to help as many America First SC Patriots show up!!!

MARCH ReOrg Dates:
(Verify all dates, times & locations with your local County Party – click link below. Don’t see the info, call you County Chair for more details … and share it with us!!!)

Click for County Chair & EC Contacts to verify information below: HERE

(Send us updates or corrections to



ReOrg – March 2, 6:30PM, Special Precinct Reorganization Meeting, Big Red Barn, 187 Chime Bell Church Rd, Aiken

Precincts 53 – Hollow Creek, 69 – Anderson Pond (79), 70 – Sandstone (70), 76 – South Aiken No. 76, and 79 – Sandstone (79)

March 9, 7PM, Aiken GOP Meeting and Re-Organization Meeting, Big Red Barn, 187 Chime Bell Church Rd, Aiken. This is a county-wide meeting of all precinct leaders and members to complete needed reorganization forms.

March 13, 7PM, Sleepy Hollow #65, Good Hope Baptist Church Fellowship Hall, 2118 Silver Bluff Road, Aiken.

Makeup – March 26, Aiken GOP Reorganization Second Meeting. This will be a backup meeting for those that are not able to attend the other meetings. Location and time TBA.

County Convention – April 29, Western Carolina State Fairgrounds, 561 May Royal Dr, Aiken


ReOrg – Sunday, March 12, 3PM, Brandt Bldg, 398 Barnwell Rd, Allendale, SC 29810

Makeup – Monday, March 13. a2PM, el Jardin, 2024 Main St N, Allendale, SC 29810


ReOrg – all meetings, 6PM check in, 6:15PM-7:30PM meeting

Tuesday, March 7 – Centerville Fire Dept., 196 Sullivan Rd, Anderson 29625

Precincts: Center Rock, Fork 1, Lakeside, Centerville A, Fork 2, Mount Tabor, Centerville B, Greenpond St A, Rock Mill, Denver, Sandy Springs, Townville

Thursday, March 9 – Powdersville Fire Department, 10600 Anderson Rd, Easley, 29642

Precincts: Bishop’s Branch, Brushy Creek, Piedmont, Concrete, Powdersville, Hunt Meadows, Simpsonville, Mount Airy, White Plains

Monday, March 13 – Oakwood Baptist Church, Activities Center, 128 Putt Putt Drive, Anderson 29625

Precincts: Anderson 1/1, Anderson 3/2 ,Appleton-Equinox, Hammond School, Anderson ½, Anderson 4/1, Bowling Green, Pelzer, Anderson 2/1, Anderson 4/2, Cedar Grove, Williamston, Anderson 2/2, Anderson 5 B, Cox Creek, Williamston Mill, Anderson 3/1, Anderson 6/1, Glenview, West Pelzer, Anderson 6/2, Hammond Annex,

Thursday, March 16 – Belton-Honea Path High School lunch room, 1100 Belton Honea Path Hwy, Honea Path, 29654

Precincts: Barker’s Creek, Broadway, Friendship, Neal’s Creek, Belton, Chiquola Mill, High Point, Rock Springs, Belton Annex, Craytonville, Honea Path, South Fant, Broadview, Toney Creek

Tuesday, March 21 – Pendleton Library, 600 S Mechanic St, Pendleton, 29670

Precincts: Edgewood A, Hopewell, Pendleton, Edgewood B, La France, Piercetown, Five Forks, Melton, Three and Twenty, North Pointe, Town Creek

Thursday, March 23 – Starr Baptist Church, 115 Stones Throw Ave, Starr, 29684

Precincts: Flat Rock, Iva, Starr, Gluck Mill, Jackson Mill, Varennes, Hall, Mountain Creek, West Savannah, Homeland Park, Shirley Store, Wrights School

Makeup – Monday, March 27, Oakwood Baptist Church, Activities Center, 128 Putt Putt Drive, Anderson

County Convention – Monday April 17, Anderson Sports and Entertainment Center



ReOrg – Monday, March 13, 6:30PM, Barnwell Courthouse, 141 Main St, Barnwell


ReOrg – March 1 -March 16 (see website below for schedule)

Makeup – March 21, 4PM-8PM, Beaufort County Republican Party Headquarters

County Convention – Saturday, April 1, 11:45AM-2:30PM, Sun City – Pinckney Hall


ReOrg – Saturday, March 4th, 10AM – The American Legion Post 66, 116 Howe Hall Rd Goose Creek

County Convention – April 1st 10AM – American Legion Post 166 116 Howe Hall Road, Goose Creek



ReOrg – Saturday, March 25, 182 Precincts, In 8 Districts

District 1 3 Precincts McClellanville, Awendaw, and Christ Church LUCY BECKHAM HIGH SCHOOL 1560 Mathis Ferry Road Saturday March 25 @ 10am

District 2 43 Precincts Mt. Pleasant, Precincts 1- 39; Isle of Palms, Precincts 1A, B, C; Sullivans Island LUCY BECKHAM HIGH SCHOOL 1560 Mathis Ferry Road Saturday March 25 @ 10am

District 3 22 Precincts James Island, 1A – 22 , Folly Beach, 1 & 2 James Island Town Hall 1122 Dills Bluff Rd Saturday March 25 @ 10am

District 4 38 Precincts North Charleston, 1 – 30, Deer Park , 1A – 3, Lincolnville, Ladson North Charleston City Hall 2500 City Hall Lane, North Charleston Saturday, March 25 @ 10am”

District 9 10 Precincts Johns Island, 1A – 4, Wadmalaw Island 1 & 2, Kiawah Island, Seabrook Johns Island Library 3135 Maybank Hwy Saturday March 25 @ 2:45pm – 4:45pm

District 10 37 Precincts ST. Andrews 1 – 37 Grace on the Ashley Church 2025 Bees Ferry Rd Saturday March 25 @ 10am

District 20 21 Precincts Charleston, 1 – 21 LUCY BECKHAM HIGH SCHOOL 1560 Mathis Ferry Road Saturday March 25 @ 10am

District 23 8 Precincts/A St. Pauls 1, 2A & 2B; Edisto Island St Pauls Hollywood Library 5130 Hwy 156 Saturday March 25 @ 12PM – 1:30PM

District 23 8 Precincts/B St. Pauls 3, 4, 5 & 6 St Pauls Hollywood Library 5130 Hwy 156 Saturday March 25 @ 1:30pm – 3pm


ReOrg – Thursday, March 16th, 6:30PM, Kirby Memorial Baptist Church, 512 Chandler Drive, Gaffney

Mekeup – March 17 & 18, 11AM – 3PM, Kirby Memorial Baptist Church, 512 Chandler Drive, Gaffney

County Convention – April 20, 6:30PM, Kirby Memorial Baptist Church, 512 Chandler Drive, Gaffney





ReOrg -Thursday, March 16, 6PM-7:30PM, Colleton Co. Library, 600 Hampton St,

County Convention – Thursday, April 20, Colleton Library, 600 Hampton St,


ReOrg – Saturday, March 18, 11AM Lakeview Country Club, 401 Springwood Drive, Hartsville

County Convention – Saturday April 22



ReOrg – Monday March 13 – Thursday March 16 – all meetings are at 7PM

Makeup – Thursday March 23



ReOrg – Thursday March 16, 6:30PM, Fairfield Motel Meeting Center, Hwy 50 321 Byp S


ReOrg – March 18, registration 9AM, meeting 10AM, McClenaghan Administrative Annex, 500 South Dargan Street

Makeup – March 23rd Reorganization makeup, Campaign Office, 1619 South Irbry Street

State Convention – Saturday, May 13



ReOrg – Monday March 27

Pre-Makeup – Saturday April 1, 10AM

Makeup – Monday April 3, 8PM



ReOrg – Thursday, March 9, 6PM-8PM, 165E Palmetto Ave, Varnville

Makeup – Friday March 10, 10AM to 11AM



ReOrg – Saturday March 11, 10:30AM-12:30PM, H’ville Baptist Church (HBC)

Makeup – Monday March 13, 6PM-7PM

County Convention – Saturday April 1, 10AM-12:30PM, HBC

State Convention – Saturday, May 13 


ReOrg – Monday March 13th 6PM, Woolard Technology Center, 70 Innovation Way Camden SC 29020

Makeup – Meeting: Monday, March 20, 6PM, Louise C. Proctor Hall, 2030 Lyttleton St, Camden SC 29020

County Convention – Monday April 17, 6PM, Woolard Technology Center


ReOrg – Thursday, March 9, 7PM-9PM, American Legion, 823 S Main Street, Lancaster

County Convention – Thursday April 13, 7PM, American Legion, 823 S Main Street, Lancaster


ReOrg – Thursday, March 2, 6:30PM, Laurens County Museum, 116 South Public Square, Laurens

County Convention – Saturday, April 1, 9AM, The Ridge



ReOrg– Saturday, March 25, 8:30AM-11:30AM, Lexington HS, 2463 Augusta Hwy, Lexington

Makeup – Saturday, April 1

County Convention – Saturday, April 22





ReOrg – Thursday March 16, 7PM, Newberry Shrine Club 196 Shrine Club Rd


ReOrg – Saturday March 18, 10AM Gignilliat Center 621 N. Townville St. Seneca

Makeup – Saturday March 25 same location and start time

County Convention – Saturday April 15 10am Start time same location.



ReOrg – Saturday, March 11, Blue Ridge View Baptist Church, 745 Wolf Creek Road, Pickens, SC. Check with Pickens GOP on time for your zone’s ReOrg:

Makeup – Saturday, March 18, 10AM, Blue Ridge View Baptist Church, 745 Wolf Creek Road, Pickens


ReOrg – Lower Richland, Saturday, March 11, 2023, Doors open at 9AM meeting convenes at 9:30AM, Lizards Thicket, 7938 Garners Ferry Rd, Hopkins

Northwest – Monday, March 13, doors open at 6PM, meeting convenes at 6:30PM, Chapin Town Hall, 157 Columbia Ave, Chapin

Northeast – Tuesday, March 14, doors open 6PM, meeting convenes 6:15PM, Polo Road Park Center, 730 Polo Rd, Columbia

Downtown – Monday, March 20, doors open at 6PM, meeting convenes at 6:15PM, Dreher High School Cafeteria, 3319 Millwood Ave (entrance behind building)

Makeup – Monday, March 27, doors open 5:30PM, program begins at 6PM in conjunction with March RCGOP Meeting

County Convention – Thursday, April 27 at Segra Park



ReOrg – Saturday March 18, High Point Academy, 655 Pottery Rd., Spartanburg, SC 29303
Makeup – Saturday, March 25, Spartanburg Community College Downtown Campus
220 E Kennedy St., Spartanburg, SC 29302
County Convention – Saturday April 1, High Point Academy 6655 Pottery Rd., Spartanburg, SC 29303
All Events Begin at 10:00AM


ReOrg – Thursday, March 2, 6:30PM American Legion Building, 31 S. Artillery Drive, Sumter

County Convention – Thursday, April 6, American Legion Building, 31 S. Artillery Drive, Sumter


ReOrg – March 6, 7PM, Union County Courthouse – 2nd floor Grand Jury Room 210 W Main Street, Union


ReOrg – Friday, March 17, 6PM, Brown’s BBQ, Kingstree


ReOrg – Thursday, March 16, 7PM-9PM

Cluster #1 – Glennon Conference Center 15083 Molaki Dr, Tega Cay, SC 29708

Cluster #2 – Community Church at Lake Wylie 104 Hamilton’s Ferry Road, Clover, SC 29710

Cluster #3 – First Baptist Church 102 South Congress Street, York, SC 29745

Cluster #4 – Grace Lutheran Church 426 Oakland Avenue, Rock Hill, SC 29730

Cluster #5 – Catawba Baptist Church 1450 S Anderson Rd, Rock Hill, SC 29730

Cluster #6 – Harvest Baptist Church 153 Miller Pond Road, Rock Hill, SC 29732

Cluster #7 – MorningStar Conference Center Ballroom 375 Starlight Drive, Fort Mill, SC 29715

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Prepare for Lies, Lies & More Lies (from the SCGOP)

This is what SCGOP leadership does.  They lie.  Listen for yourself.



MARCH REORG MADNESS starts on March 1st!!!

Each of the 46 counties have different dates and times for their respective Precinct ReOrg & Make-Up Meetings (and County Convention in April).  

First up for ReOrg 2023 are Sumter & Laurens Counties on March 2nd!!!  Reach out to all your America First / MAGA friends across South Carolina and get them out for March ReOrg!!!


It is one thing to “read” the 2021 Greenville ReOrg FRAUD Report (HERE) … but LISTEN to the above ReOrg training by the former / disgraced GCGOP Chairman and you will be blown away!!!  

He explains the ReOrg process correctly … but he talks about preventing HARVESTING … and then went out a couple a weeks after this presentation and HARVESTED 423 +/- Form 1s.

This is what SCGOP leadership does.  They lie.  Listen for yourself … in his own words. 

LaDonna Ryggs –  “paid” Field Director

Mrs. Ryggs was driving all around Greenville in March / ApriI 2021 picking up HARVESTED Form 1s.

“Agents of the Party” is what the above report calls them, but LaDonna was PAID … and she will lie to your face … BEWARE!!!  

How can a PALMETTO FAMILY COUNCIL board member do this … well, A LOT of them do … stay tuned …

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FITS 2024

ReOrg Election Law Violations – Call Your State Senator (and SLED?)

It sometimes seems that no public officials will DO THEIR JOB!!!



In our observations, they do not do their jobs because they are SCARED of certain legislators … otherwise called the “good ole boy network”.   It is destroying SC and must stop!!!

Weeks ago we reported to the SC State Election Commission (SEC) that the SCGOP has, in an unprecedented move, “taken over” the Precinct ReOrg & County Convention in Greenville, and that move was ILLEGAL.  

It is a CLEAR VIOLATION of SC Code Section 7-9-70.  You know … it VIOLATES SOUTH CAROLINA ELECTION LAW!!!

Read about it by clicking HERE or the image below.

Worse yet, the Chairman of the Greenville County Republican Party … the effected County … has called SEC Executive Director Howard Knapp and he has refused to return the call.

Why would a Mr. Knapp refuse to return the call from the GCRP Chairman & others?  Is there something “more important” in February 2023?  We know of no elections … so what is more important … other than making sure he does not say something that would get the SEC in more trouble?

STEP 1:  Call Your Senator!!!

If Mr. Knapp is not going to do his job … he should not be CONFIRMED by the SC Senate.  

If Mr. Knapp is going to do the bidding of political bosses like Drew McKissick … and aid them in VIOLATING THE LAW … he should not be CONFIRMED by the SC Senate.

Ask your SC State Senator to INSIST that Mr. Knapp DO HIS JOB!!!  You all have read the law (HERE) … it is not complicated … and if he does not do his job and YOUR SENATOR votes to confirm him … you know “who” your SC State Senator serves, and it is not #WeThePeople!!!

STEP 2:  Report to SLED!!!

Next, do know that SLED has a new reporting system for election law violations.  Section 7-9-70 is in Title 7, ELECTIONS.

Let’s see if SLED and Chief Keel will “promptly review all reported violations and take action as it determines appropriate.”  Section 7-25-30.

Stay tuned … 

Noted Irony:  Whereas a lot of us are involved as we are NOT happy with the 2022 election law changes … the new law really did not do much to add to Election Transparency (or Integrity) … but both of the above two points (Senate confirmation & SLED reporting) are new to the Law.  Wouldn’t that be ironic if the these changes STOP Drew McKissick’s tyranny.  😉 

Let’s see if the new 2022 Election Law additions are worth anything … 

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