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BREAKING – Tim Scott Suspends Presidential Campaign

Sunday night he made official what we all knew was coming



(Uncomfortable) Fox News Interview:  HERE

A lot of people like Tim Scott … or at least the idea of Tim Scott … and as a native son of South Carolina and our current junior US Senator we have watched his (& Nikki Haley’s) presidential campaigns very closely.

We also took a very keen personal interest in Senator Scott’s campaign as he is a professed HUGE school choice supporter … but our experience with him (or his people) on this issue has been more than disappointing (HERE). How can you be the biggest voice for school choice and opportunity on the national stage … yet your home state here in South Carolina has the worst rated school choice program in the Nation?

Then there is the whole issue of his staff’s participation in the ReOrg Fraud up here in Greenville … it is just all very confusing for a guy we all want to like.

Well, Sunday night he made official what we all knew was coming … Tim Scott has SUSPENDED his 2024 Presidential Campaign.

UNCOMFORTABLE FOX NEWS INTERVIEW?:  Check out his announcement / interview with Trey Gowdy on FOX … and tell us if you thought it was as uncomfortable as we did?  See HERE.

As you all know, we question the “polls” and specifically potential bias by the “pollsters” … and as such we are proponents of following the BETTING ODDS (see HERE).  It is sorta like capitalism … follow where real people are putting their money … not what self proclaimed “smart” people and experts are telling you what is happening.

Last night’s suspension of Senator Scott’s campaign should not surprise anyone following the Real Clear Politics Betting Odd.

Whereas Donald Trump is a 72% odds on favorite to win the GOP Nomination … Senator Scott was sitting at 1%.  Nikki Haley at 10.5% is a longshot … so Senator Scott’s 1% was way out of the conceivable range for any chance to win.

RCP GOP Nominee Betting Odds:  HERE

We will have to do a deeper dive into what went wrong with the Tim Scott campaign … the Senator has plenty of money and the highest likability rating of all the candidates … so it can’t be a problem with Tim individually, can it?

Our opinion having watched “who” is around the Senator, and how his campaign was run … it was a failure of his consultants and campaign staff. At least that is the watercooler talk in political circles here in South Carolina.

The hokey and never-ending fundraising text messages … and the last ditch effort to bring out the “girlfriend” at the end of last Wednesday’s GOP Debate!!! It all reeked of “consultant” desperation … and literally nothing seemed to ever work.

[NOTE TO CANDIDATES: Don’t hire campaign consultants & managers that have bigger personal egos than the candidate … and folks that really are not nice people.]

And lest we forget the bizarre “magnet” controversy … and what people thought of that. We are all about grassroots … and this alone proves the “smart” paid people really have no idea what they are doing.

No, we don’t expect Tim or any of the 2028 presidential candidates to be hiring these guys … but we will work on a deeper dive into the failures of the Senator’s campaign team later … so stay tuned.

P.S. YES we paid our $2 in July … but NO, we still have not received our magnet.

Bizarre Magnet Article:  HERE

The Responses:  HERE

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A BLM (Rhode Island) Founder Endorses TRUMP?

Yes, it is going to be a really interesting election season.



11/29/2023 FOX News Interview: HERE

Our good friend Lawrence Lantz has been sharing with you for months now on his GOOD NEWS FRIDAY video segment (filmed on Wednesday evenings, posted on Fridays) that there is an ongoing shift among Black Voters for President TRUMP.

Week after week after week after week Lawrence shared with us the ever growing list of Black Voters coming out for TRUMP. There seems to be an awakening in the Democratic Party base (as there has been in the Republican Party base) that the Party leadership is more interested in themselves and the monied special interest than their constituents. It has gotten so bad that even the leftwing mainstream media has been appearing in a panic as of late (HERE, HERE & HERE.)

And as the articles point out … it is not just Black Voters, it is Hispanic Voters as well.

Recall that we have in fact been saying it from the beginning … this is not a battle between R vs D … or Left vs. Right … this is a battle between the Unitparty Leadership Elites in both Parties vs. We The People.


Well, yesterday it kinda hit a new level. Mark Fisher, a co-founder of the Rhode Island affiliate of Black Lives Matter (Wikipedia Article HERE) appeared on FOX News and publicly endorsed President TRUMP (HERE). He even went further to accuse the Democrats of “racist” policies.

That is powerful.

Now granted, Mr. Fisher was only a co-founder of the Rhode Island affiliate … not the entire national organization … and he was only speaking for himself … and we are sure he will be rebuked, ostracized, and possible worse for speaking up. But it is indicative of the greater shift in Black Voters and others.

As the song goes … “We’re not going to take it … anymore!!!” (HERE)

Yes, it is going to be a really interesting election season.

Truth Social Link: HERE

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The REAL Nikki Haley – Republican County Party Press Release



TRUMP 2024 Website GCRP Post: HERE

PDF Copy of the GCRP Press Release: HERE

Now this was back in February, but one of our supporters suggested yesterday that we share this again as we had never added an article online and he thought people (especially new followers since February) would like to know.

Basically on February 15, 2023, Nikki Haley officially launched her candidacy during a campaign event in Charleston, South Carolina.

On that same day, the Greenville County Republican Party (GCRP) issued a press release entitled “The Real Nikki Haley”. (For PDF, click HERE.)

Well, the TRUMP Team received a copy and on February 17th, 2023, they saw fit to share it on the website. See above.

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AFP Goes all in #NeverTRUMP




AFP Action Press Release: HERE

What they will teach you in Campaign Schools … it’s all about MOMENTUM leading up to ELECTION DAY. What happens 3 months before (or 1 day after) really doesn’t matter but for the impact on the momentum leading up to election day. Smart candidates know this and they know when to dial back, and when to dial up, in the months before an election.

Clearly Ron DeSantis has lost all the momentum … and this AFP Action endorsement appears to be his campaign’s death knell .  His trajectory in the first quarter of 2023 was “he is the man” … 11 months later, 3 months before elections, his trajectory is “he is done”.

On January 4th, 2023, the Real Clear Politics GOP Betting Average (HERE) was DeSantis (50.8%), Trump (28.4%) & Haley (5.0%).  

On November 28th, 2023, that same betting average has Trump (74.0%), Haley (12.0%) & DeSantis (7.0%).

We shall see where the numbers go over the next few weeks, but which of those three candidates would you like to be?

And don’t forget, as we shared with you nearly 5 months ago (HERE), AFP raised $70 MILLION for their “Push to Sink TRUMP” … and that wasn’t our words, that was the New York Times reporting that obvious agenda (HERE).

Yes, that is a TON of money … and as we stated at the time as well, they were not going to give it back, and you should prepare yourself for the onslaught.

We have seen that come true as we all endure the constant barrage of mailers at our homes, radio spots, TV ads … and SPONSORSHIPS of events by Americans For Prosperity (AFP) all over South Carolina with perceived Anti-Trump groups … and a complete absence of sponsorships with perceived Pro-Trump groups. Isn’t that interesting.


We have seen some big money groups and names come back to TRUMP over this time period as it appears inevitable that he will be the nominee … and as those folks fear another 4 years under BIDEN … but it appears AFP has gone all in on the #NeverTRUMP agenda and this is a last ditch move.

Pence, Asa & Tim Scott are out. DeSantis is over. Chris Christie has no chance whatsoever and only appears still in the race to bash TRUMP.

Haley therefore is the last great hope for the “conservatives” (and business interests) who don’t want TRUMP. It’s not about Nikki … it’s about “who” has any chance whatsoever to sink TRUMP.

Will it work? Probably not … but that is why we have elections and it is going to be an interesting next 88 days (as of 11/29/2023) as we lead up to the South Carolina GOP Presidential Preference Primary on February 24th.

Anyhow, stay tuned, and …


P.S. Some have asked if this is AFP’s “Hail Mary” referring to the football Hail Mary Pass (HERE & HERE).

We have heard countless reports that AFP officials … when challenged on their position by Trump supporting conservatives … say that AFP does not really oppose TRUMP, they are only doing this because they don’t think TRUMP can beat Biden in the November 5th, 2024, general election.


That excuse may have held water 6 months ago, but nearly all the polls out there … especially in the swing states … clearly show TRUMP soundly defeating Biden. Yes, that is today and who knows what it will be 11 months from now … momentum can change … but AFP can’t use that excuse anymore (although they probably will).

SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECY?: By all accounts it seems clear TRUMP will be the GOP nominee. Could Biden win … especially with substantial concerns over election fraud … absolutely. Will AFP then say “we told you so”? Will your answer be “because AFP spent $70 MILLION trashing TRUMP”?

No, it is not a Hail Mary Pass because that is only done when you have literally nothing to lose. Americans For Prosperity are making a calculated decision which could leave Biden in office. That is not a “nothing to lose” situation … and it is going to be very interesting the future and image of AFP when all of the dust settles.


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