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Fear of Confrontation

Be persistent, but always be PROFESSIONAL



Yesterday we discussed Decorum (HERE), the need to maintain order in Business Meetings, and the Robert’s Rules of Order “Committee on Discipline” when certain members & other parties refuse to maintain decorum.

[NOTE: What excites us the most about a Committee on Discipline is the ability to calmly and rationally … over time … allow folks to have an opportunity to investigate actions and expose purposeful LIES & manipulation … and stop it! It will be work, but it is necessary if we want to change things for the better!]

But maintaining decorum does not mean we blindly avoid confrontation and just give the other side everything they want just so they will shut-up. That is not the answer because like spoiling children, it will only get worse and worse over time.

And consider this … is avoiding controversy and giving in to self-interested bullies what has really gotten our Country in the mess it is in today? Think about it, and we think you will agree.

Common Myth:

Confrontation = Bad

For most of us, confrontation is not something we seek. We are not used to it, and we are not comfortable engaging in confrontation … or even watching confrontation, especially confrontation on the local level.

It is easier to watch folks “far away” in Washington DC engaging in confrontation … and sometimes we actually like it … but when it is at a local Party meeting, among people you personally know and run into at the grocery store … that confrontation is hard to stomach and many people JUST WANT IT TO STOP … no matter what the cost!!!

See how we got in this mess … by avoiding confrontation when self-interested “bullies” are insisting on their way?

Think about the politician who won’t stop arguing his point because he is getting “paid” somehow on the backend. We end up just giving him what he wants to get him to shut-up … but in the long run … after 250 years of doing so … look where we are today.

Confrontation = Seeking TRUTH

Confrontation is not bad … especially if we maintain decorum. In fact, like it or not, confrontation is a necessity if we want to maintain our Republic for future generations.

Instead of looking at confrontation as “arguing” … consider it as SEEKING TRUTH. Maybe the other party has a legitimate difference of opinion. Maybe they do not have the experience or knowledge about a matter … so they voice an opinion that to some of us makes no sense whatsoever. Or maybe they have an ulterior motive. Or maybe you are wrong and can learn something yourself.

Whatever the case … SEEK TRUTH!!! Don’t be rushed to judgement … and just give them what they want (HERE) … calmly and rationally discuss the issue and SEEK TRUTH!!!

As we teach … don’t get mad, keep calm and JUST SMILE!!! If the other party is nefarious and has an ulterior motive they won’t like you smiling and calmly discussing the matter … so let them EXPOSE themselves.

Remember, other folks are quietly watching and listening … making up their own minds on who to believe. So when truth is on your side, be persistent, but always be PROFESSIONAL.

UNDERSTANDING THE “GAMES” PEOPLE PLAY: In a group of 124 SC House Members … 46 State Senators … or 151 Precinct ECs (like we have here in Greenville) … not everybody needs to come up to the microphone and speak their mind … there isn’t enough time in the 2 or 4 year term to do that … but as leaders YOU DO HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY to learn and understand what is going on.

CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: There are lots of educational tools out there to understand how to deal with “confrontation” … whether you are personally at the microphone participating … of if it is just learning to cope with your friends engage in confrontation at a local meeting.

Google “confrontation” and read some of the self-help materials. We can all learn something.

Know too that leaders have a responsibility to understand these things whether you are a SC House Rep or State Senator … or a Precinct EC or President. If you want to be a leader … then be a leader and LEARN!!!

Talk with all sides … trust no one … and “watch what they DO, not what they SAY.”



Good News Friday – Dec 1, 2023

MAGA is on the battlefield and advancing!



Another busy week! We are excited for our newest installment of GOOD NEWS FRIDAY with our good friend Lawrence Lantz.

This week’s theme … MAGA is on the battlefield and advancing!

Enjoy …

Good News with Lawrence:

This week: MAGA is on the battlefield and advancing!

YouTube HERE

News Summary:

1) Trump at The Palmetto Bowl

2) Trump Game Plan: 

  • Time to revamp the RNC
  • Not backing down over fraud claims
  • Not backing down over J6

3) Winning in the Polls

4) Big donors rolling back to Trump:

  • Harold Hamm
  • Bernie Marcus
  • Diane Hendricks
  • Tillaman Fertitta
  • Don Tapia

5) Trump Endorsements:

  • Moms For America
  • Rep. Clay Higgins
  • Andrew Tate
  • Mark Fisher

6) Winning in the Media:

  • Laura Loomer
  • Elon Musk
  • Tommy Robinson
  • More investigation into Seth Rich’s death

7) Winning in the Culture:

  • America Fest 2023
  • Latinos for Trump

8) Litigation and revelation in regards to COVID 19 vaccine

9) Sound Of Freedom producer running for President of Mexico

10) Election Integrity is NOT going away

11) Is God interested in government?

  • Women’s rights
  • Paying workers on time
  • Ensuring medical safety for the community
  • Hygiene laws
  • Sanitation
  • Clean water
  • Ownership rights
  • National welfare program for the poor
  • Treatment of foreigners in the land
  • Inheritance rights
  • Money lending & debt collection
  • Crimes & appropriate punishments
  • What constitutes evidence in trials
  • Protection against false teachers / wrong education
  • Proper treatment / protection of animals
  • Correct gender distinctions
  • The setting up of judges in every town
  • Requirements for the eventual national rulers (kings)
  • Boundaries in conducting warfare
  • Accepts many forms of government

12) Reasons why God may lift up Trump as the next President?

  • Judges
  • Ended Roe v. Wade
  • Middle East peace
  • Rule of Law
  • Destroyed enemies of Israel
  • Lifted the poor
  • Right to Try
  • Jerusalem embassy / Golan Heights
  • Protected religious freedoms
  • Opioids / drug cartels / human trafficking
  • How God worked with kings

13)  Scott Presler goes to Pennsylvania

14) Ex-White House Doctor: don’t vote for Biden

15) Jan 6 videos kept getting released

16) Revival in the House continues!

17) Christian NBA player launches clothing line with scripture verses

18) At least additional 30,000 babies born since Roe v. Wade overturn

ALL Good News!

Good News with Lawrence:

This Week … MAGA is on the battlefield and advancing!

YouTube HERE

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FITS 2024

A BLM (Rhode Island) Founder Endorses TRUMP?

Yes, it is going to be a really interesting election season.



11/29/2023 FOX News Interview: HERE

Our good friend Lawrence Lantz has been sharing with you for months now on his GOOD NEWS FRIDAY video segment (filmed on Wednesday evenings, posted on Fridays) that there is an ongoing shift among Black Voters for President TRUMP.

Week after week after week after week Lawrence shared with us the ever growing list of Black Voters coming out for TRUMP. There seems to be an awakening in the Democratic Party base (as there has been in the Republican Party base) that the Party leadership is more interested in themselves and the monied special interest than their constituents. It has gotten so bad that even the leftwing mainstream media has been appearing in a panic as of late (HERE, HERE & HERE.)

And as the articles point out … it is not just Black Voters, it is Hispanic Voters as well.

Recall that we have in fact been saying it from the beginning … this is not a battle between R vs D … or Left vs. Right … this is a battle between the Unitparty Leadership Elites in both Parties vs. We The People.


Well, yesterday it kinda hit a new level. Mark Fisher, a co-founder of the Rhode Island affiliate of Black Lives Matter (Wikipedia Article HERE) appeared on FOX News and publicly endorsed President TRUMP (HERE). He even went further to accuse the Democrats of “racist” policies.

That is powerful.

Now granted, Mr. Fisher was only a co-founder of the Rhode Island affiliate … not the entire national organization … and he was only speaking for himself … and we are sure he will be rebuked, ostracized, and possible worse for speaking up. But it is indicative of the greater shift in Black Voters and others.

As the song goes … “We’re not going to take it … anymore!!!” (HERE)

Yes, it is going to be a really interesting election season.

Truth Social Link: HERE

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FITS 2024

AFP Goes all in #NeverTRUMP




AFP Action Press Release: HERE

What they will teach you in Campaign Schools … it’s all about MOMENTUM leading up to ELECTION DAY. What happens 3 months before (or 1 day after) really doesn’t matter but for the impact on the momentum leading up to election day. Smart candidates know this and they know when to dial back, and when to dial up, in the months before an election.

Clearly Ron DeSantis has lost all the momentum … and this AFP Action endorsement appears to be his campaign’s death knell .  His trajectory in the first quarter of 2023 was “he is the man” … 11 months later, 3 months before elections, his trajectory is “he is done”.

On January 4th, 2023, the Real Clear Politics GOP Betting Average (HERE) was DeSantis (50.8%), Trump (28.4%) & Haley (5.0%).  

On November 28th, 2023, that same betting average has Trump (74.0%), Haley (12.0%) & DeSantis (7.0%).

We shall see where the numbers go over the next few weeks, but which of those three candidates would you like to be?

And don’t forget, as we shared with you nearly 5 months ago (HERE), AFP raised $70 MILLION for their “Push to Sink TRUMP” … and that wasn’t our words, that was the New York Times reporting that obvious agenda (HERE).

Yes, that is a TON of money … and as we stated at the time as well, they were not going to give it back, and you should prepare yourself for the onslaught.

We have seen that come true as we all endure the constant barrage of mailers at our homes, radio spots, TV ads … and SPONSORSHIPS of events by Americans For Prosperity (AFP) all over South Carolina with perceived Anti-Trump groups … and a complete absence of sponsorships with perceived Pro-Trump groups. Isn’t that interesting.


We have seen some big money groups and names come back to TRUMP over this time period as it appears inevitable that he will be the nominee … and as those folks fear another 4 years under BIDEN … but it appears AFP has gone all in on the #NeverTRUMP agenda and this is a last ditch move.

Pence, Asa & Tim Scott are out. DeSantis is over. Chris Christie has no chance whatsoever and only appears still in the race to bash TRUMP.

Haley therefore is the last great hope for the “conservatives” (and business interests) who don’t want TRUMP. It’s not about Nikki … it’s about “who” has any chance whatsoever to sink TRUMP.

Will it work? Probably not … but that is why we have elections and it is going to be an interesting next 88 days (as of 11/29/2023) as we lead up to the South Carolina GOP Presidential Preference Primary on February 24th.

Anyhow, stay tuned, and …


P.S. Some have asked if this is AFP’s “Hail Mary” referring to the football Hail Mary Pass (HERE & HERE).

We have heard countless reports that AFP officials … when challenged on their position by Trump supporting conservatives … say that AFP does not really oppose TRUMP, they are only doing this because they don’t think TRUMP can beat Biden in the November 5th, 2024, general election.


That excuse may have held water 6 months ago, but nearly all the polls out there … especially in the swing states … clearly show TRUMP soundly defeating Biden. Yes, that is today and who knows what it will be 11 months from now … momentum can change … but AFP can’t use that excuse anymore (although they probably will).

SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECY?: By all accounts it seems clear TRUMP will be the GOP nominee. Could Biden win … especially with substantial concerns over election fraud … absolutely. Will AFP then say “we told you so”? Will your answer be “because AFP spent $70 MILLION trashing TRUMP”?

No, it is not a Hail Mary Pass because that is only done when you have literally nothing to lose. Americans For Prosperity are making a calculated decision which could leave Biden in office. That is not a “nothing to lose” situation … and it is going to be very interesting the future and image of AFP when all of the dust settles.


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