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Greenville ReOrg FRAUD – Churches & Pastors Lied To

The RINO “establishment” can not win without cheating …



The RINO “establishment” can not win without cheating … or slandering America FIRST / MAGA Republicans … the majority of conservative Republicans.

And they are not unwilling to stoop to involving Churches & Pastors to do it.

It is a strong statement, but crystal clear given the evidence we all have seen.  [NOTE:  Stay tuned to new information coming out of the Horry County Republican Party … it is amazing!!!]

Below is some rather powerful testimony of an elected Precinct EC who “walked in” on a Church meeting here in Greenville where the PASTOR was “Harvesting FORM 1s” improperly.  The Pastor was instructing parishioners on how to fill out the FORM 1s … specifically instructing them to put their contact information ON THE BACK … and letting them know that they did not need to pay the necessary $20 County Convention Fee.
Incredible testimony!!!

This matter has been brought to a few churches here in Greenville with MORE TO COME … so it will be interesting to see which churches come clean and EXPOSE the SCGOP / GCGOP perpetrators (referred to as the “people at the top”) that lied to them and dragged them into this FRAUD.  

Stay tuned … but watch out for these types of shenanigans in your county.


“Transformational Change” with PACE Scholarship

It is not always simple to explain … NOTHING is as it seems in politics …



At we are about EDUCATION.  Education about how to get involved with the mechanics of the bi-annual Precinct ReOrg … and perhaps more importantly, education about “why” it is critical to GET INVOLVED as GRASSROOTS … and what exactly is going on with our elected officials.

It is not always simple to explain … NOTHING is as it seems in politics … and people (including legislators) will absolutely lie to your face.  

As we teach, “Watch what they DO, not what they SAY.”

And YES … stop getting mad at the TV … and DO SOMETHING.

On Thursday morning we issued TWO “CALLS TO ACTION” … and today we have the preliminary RESULTS!!!

CALL TO ACTION #1.  SC HOUSE “LOYALTY OATH”:  The first call to action was to support liberty minded legislators in the SC House against a “loyalty oath” … or as we like to call it a “Blood Oath” to support EACH OTHER’S SECRETS as opposed to honoring their Constitutional Oaths … and commitment to #WeThePeople.  

That issue has escalated, and SC House “Republican” Leadership has dug in, now apparently KICKING OUT the 20 +/- legislators that have refused to sign this “Blood Oath”.  The matter is fast developing … so stay tuned for more as we think this matter may go NUCLEAR from both sides.  #HoldTheLine Patriots!!!

CALL TO ACTION #2.  Support the PACE Amendment in the SC Senate:  Now this issue we know personally. It is what we do!!!  It is our personal cause … and a GREAT example / Case Study for patriots to learn from.  We can assure you that over the years we have seen just about everything … and WORSE!!!

And, the final result on Thursday was a twist.

Realize that “establishment” Republicans have opposed this from the beginning … not on the merits … but more on a personal level (they don’t like us because we speak truth to power – as Trey Gowdy taught us to do) … and worse, because it was not what the monied special interest want them to do.  #FollowTheMoney!!!

So what happened???

Initially there has been three days of Senate Floor debate by Republican Senators Tom Davis, Shane Martin, Tom Corbin … and Democrat Senator Mike Fanning … and a few others.  Then the Republican “establishment” came out in active vocal opposition on the floor of the Senate to this PACE Amendment (10A).  

After about an HOUR of opposition … there was a “long” 5 minute recess (off camera) … and upon return ALL WAS GOOD???

Say what???  What happened in that “recess”??? We don’t know … but ultimately Senators have committed to passing the $100 Million PACE Scholarship Amendment next TUESDAY.

This is HUGE for Kids!!!  This is GAME CHANGING for Kids!!!  Watch the video:

Absolutely this will be TRANSFORMATIONAL and will give SC (if it passes the SC House and becomes law) literally the nations premiere school choice program.  We will have gone from LAST … to FIRST … in one fell swoop.  

Remember, “establishment” politicians listen to the monied special interest … not the grassroots advocates or the experts.  Politicians generally just follow the money!!!

Specifically what is happening, as the Senator Majority Leader promised in the video above, PACE will be passed along with the ESA … all in ONE BILL (which is key) next Tuesday.  We don’t like the ESA, but we will tag along with it as a temporary “compromise”.  

We never support anything 100% government run (like the ESA) … but we do believe the end result will be fine as we are pretty confident the bad policy / nefarious / monied special interest ESA will die on it’s own either #1 an unconstitutional legal challenge … or #2 PACE will win in the free market as all the schools and parents will work with PACE when given an option. 

Plus kids and families need help … so we can compromise for their sake (so long as we have a solution that won’t allow 100% government run ESAs to destroy our private schools too.

Ask yourself, what parent or school wants to work under a government run program … with government strings attached?   As far as we know … NOBODY!!!

So, how did this happen???

First of all, “educated” SC Patriots all over South Carolina called, texted, and emailed their SC State Senator.  Precinct Presidents, ECs, DELEGATES … and County Officers.  Informed Citizens!!!  By being involved in your local PRECINCT … especially with ReOrg … you have “street cred” when you call your legislators.  They know, if they don’t listen … you know how the system works … and the JUNE PRIMARIES and their “re-election” is not that far away.

Not a threat … just a fact of life.

It was also not our intent to harass … but to educate legislators on the merits of the PACE Scholarship Amendment.  Patriots also did not rollover at the first sign of push-back from their Senator.  

Remember … be PROFESSIONAL, but be PERSISTANT!!!

Plus, it really is not complicated … the SC Republican Platform opposes BIG Government … and the Republican Platform supports Limited Government.  Senators just needed a little reminder that they knowingly or unknowingly were pushing a 100% Government Run Private School Choice Program with the ESA … that was destined to fail.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT???:  We shall see what develops over the weekend.  After this bill is passed by the SC Senate, it will move over to the SC House.  

The question everyone is asking … and we are waiting to have answered … was a “deal” cut to kill this somewhere else???  To blame someone else for it not passing???  Let’s hope not for the sake of the CHILDREN!!! 

Time will tell … and we will TELL YOU!!!  #LearnTheir Tricks!!!

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Watch & Learn: Will “Republicans” KILL School Choice

We will witness the “redemption” or the “complete implosion” of the SC Republican Party



We are watching the complete implosion of the SC Senate “Republican” Leadership as they push a leftist BIG GOVERNMENT “Education Savings Account” bill that even the Democrats oppose it is so bad … and they love big government!!!

As reported yesterday, the SC Senate is taking up the 100% government run, $25 million, experimental, Education Savings Account (ESA) Bill (S39 – click HERE). This bill is backed by the Republican “establishment” and the monied special interest pulling their stings.

We actively oppose these 100% government run ESAs.

Do WE want the government controlling the purse-strings over our private Christian Schools? Not only NO, but HECK NO!!!

Plus, who would not want $100 million of School Choice for families … as opposed to “just” $25 million? 

An effort is being made by Senator Tom Davis (R – Beaufort) Senator Shane Martin (R – Spartanburg) and others to “Strike & Replace” the ESA with the $100 million, free-market, constitutional & grandaddy of school choice for 25 years, PACE Scholarship Bill (PACE) (S285 – click HERE).

Call / text any and all SC State Senators TODAY in Columbia and ask them to support PACE & strike the ESA.

Thank you on behalf of children.

See also the crazy video’s below.  Are these people ADVOCATING “FOR” the 100% Government Run ESA really “Republicans”???  No wonder South Carolina is rated #33 (out of 50) by CPAC!!!

Check out the Comparison Chart of both bills and let us know what are we missing:

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GOP “Precinct ReOrg” Civil War is Nationwide

This GOP Civil War is not just in South Carolina … it is EVERYWHERE!!!



Last night we were invited to join a national Precinct ReOrg zoom call with Mike Lindell and we learned about what is happening in the GOP Civil War in South Dakota

Each state Precinct ReOrg is different … and South Dakota is having their State Convention on Saturday January 14th, 2023.

The “establishment” in South Dakota is attempting to push through a “rules change” (sound familiar South Carolina Patriots – the RINOs did this to us this past July 30th).  The proposal is to REMOVE county precinct committeemen and committeewomen from the nomination process for constitutional officers at the biennial South Dakota GOP Convention.  (Yes, they do things different in SD.)  

Click the video below.

Whereas we at mySCGOP believe POWER should be pushed down to THE PEOPLE … decentralized … and down to the PRECINCT … the RINO “establishment” want to keep the power at the TOP … with “them” … and only for “them”.  


Get involved TODAY and help us make South Carolina the most CONSERVATIVE RED STATE IN THE NATION … sign-up today →

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