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Political Power vs. Political Access

Don’t confuse “Power” with “Access”



The #1 mistake we see new people / groups getting involved in the political / party process is … the mistake WE MADE OURSELVES (so no judging)  … 
… we confuse “Power” with “Access”.

[Another novice “misunderstanding” is thinking people / politicians / GOP officials would never just outright lie to your face.  Trust no one!!!   Verify everything!!!  Good people don’t mind you asking questions.]

You may think you are friends with these people because you have “access” / get a selfie with ABC Politician … but wait until you ask a legislator to do something … like fix X, Y or Z!!!  Ask them to do something that is objectively RIGHT for “We The People” … but something that the monied special interest or the “Republican Caucus Leadership” opposes. #FollowTheMoney!!!

You will find out real quick your “access” means nothing … and your phone calls will no longer be returned.  You will figure out real quick all politicians care about is getting elected or re-elected … and unless you have the ability to REPLACE THEM, what you want for “We The People” really won’t matter if what you ask is “hard”.  
We all saw this in the #MedicalFreedom Fight, the PORN Books in Libraries / Schools … and we have seen it first hand in the SCHOOL CHOICE fight.  Try asking your legislator to get us CLOSED PRIMARIES, what specifically they will do, and all of a sudden you will learn there are 1,000 “excuses” … and you will know the difference between “political access” and “political power”

If you don’t see it yet … you will … give it time and ask questions … but if you are excited to get a “selfie” with Lindsey Graham, you are probably reading the wrong emails and might want to unsubscribe.  😉 

We know some of you know all of this already … but others are just figuring it out.  Don’t forget the BIG VISION … 

FITS 2024

PRESS ARTICLES – Tim Scott “Puff Piece”

To avoid being manipulated is #1 to know it exist & #2 know how to spot it.



POLITICAL MANIPULATION … we talk about it all the time, and being on the front lines of all this political mess, we see the manipulation more than others.

And, we want you to see it as well because the best way to avoid being manipulated is #1 to know it exist & #2 know how to spot it.

Yesterday we saw a perfect press / media example and we know the backstory … so here is what happened, and you to decide.

Was this press example (A) an honest article on South Carolina voter opinions as seen by South Carolina GOP leaders … or (B) a “puff piece” to build up Tim Scott as Ron DeSantis TANKS in the polls???

First off … what is “puffery” … or a puff piece?

Puff Piece (defined): “Puff piece is an idiom for a journalistic form of puffery: an article or story of exaggerating praise that often ignores or downplays opposing viewpoints or evidence to the contrary.”

Realize, the press does this ALL THE TIME. If you watch the ebbs and flows of the narratives coming out of the mainstream media (and perhaps even alternative media) you can tell there is a common thread, or a common theme. They obviously talk and/or follow each others stories, so they naturally all seem to “swim” in the same direction.

Right now, the media theme is Ron DeSantis and his campaign / Super PAC are IMPLODING … and the media has to find the next shiny object that is NOT Donald Trump.

Think about it, if the press started reporting that the GOP Presidential nomination process was over and there was no way TRUMP was going to lose the GOP nomination, what would the point be in reading the paper for the next 12 months? It would be boring, and boring does not sell papers, right?

[NOTE: Of course anything can happen, so the nomination is not locked up for TRUMP just yet, but to those of us watching 24/7 it sure seems that way – just not according to the main stream media who “needs” to puff up alternative contenders to keep readership … or perhaps there is something more sinister to their motives? #FollowTheMoney.]


In early July, Julia Johnson (HERE HERE), a reporter for the conservative Washington Examiner was reaching out to various local South Carolina County GOPs … “hoping to connect with the County party chair and discuss some of what they are hearing from voters ahead of the GOP primary.”

Two local SC county chairs we spoke with, both females, told us they gave interviews and expressed that their constituents and local voters were reflective of polling numbers … that SC was basically TRUMP County and the other candidates are gaining NO traction whatsoever.  One chair even expressed how there is a shift in voter understanding and the politics of old are over.

Well, yesterday, July 25th, the article came out.  And guess what?  Neither of the female GOP County Chairs were quoted in the article … and it was a 100% “establishment” RINO fest of quotes & puffery for alternative candidates.

READ THE ARTICLE ... but read it with a critical eye, asking yourself is this what YOU are seeing out there in the public?  Sure, we all don’t agree 100% … but Tim Scott?  

Do you really believe, as the “establishment” Spartanburg Chairman says, that minority Democrats are going to crossover and vote for Tim Scott because he is black?  Or as an “establishment”  lowcountry GOP leader states “that Scott has a very similar vision to Trump and most Republican voters.“?  If he does, we have not seen it, especially in school choice (HERE), the magnet controversy (HERE) … not to mention Senator Scott’s Upstate Office Regional Director, Danielle Gibbs, was intimately involved in the 2021 Greenville ReOrg Fraud … and we think Tim Scott personally knows all about it.  

Click image above or HERE.  MENTIONS: Tim Scott (40 times), Trump (21 times), DeSantis (9 times), Haley (5 times) … and zero for Pence!!! 


We did notice one thing however … in the 3rd paragraph, it was noted that “GOP chairmen and women” were interviewed … but no “women” were quoted.

Where the two TRUMP supporting female chairs who tell us they were interviewed as well edited out of the final article? Why mention “women” if no SC women chairs were quoted? Who knows, but our guess / experience is the article was toned down to minimize TRUMP support by higher-ups at the Washington Examiner and they forgot to take out the reference to GOP women chairs. Again, who knows … maybe just a coincidence. 😉

“County and district GOP chairmen and women throughout the Palmetto state emphasized Trump was still on top. But, with about seven months until the South Carolina primary, they say voters are hearing other candidates out — Scott in particular.”


Finally … we have to note that A LOT of these political press interviewees in various articles are PAID operatives … and it is nearly impossible to figure out exactly who is paid, by whom, and who is not.

But it is clear … and was not disclosed in the article … that the Chairman of Dorchester County GOP is a paid political operative. He works for PUSH DIGITAL (think Lindsey Graham “establishment” … and proud of it) out of Charleston. It is right there on their website (HERE).

So … ask yourself as well … does an undisclosed employment relationship with a political campaign organization present a conflict of interest? In any other profession it would major conflict … but as they say, anything goes in politics!!!




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Crossover Voters & Closed Primaries – A Prime Example

What are “Republican” legislators going to do about it?



You always hear Republican candidates (as well as folks seeking leadership within the Republican Party itself) talk endlessly during campaign season about the problem of crossover voting and the need for CLOSED PRIMARIES!!!

[NOTE: Basically the claim (and proven fact) is that Democrats crossover and vote in the June Republican Primaries for the WEAKEST Republican. If they can’t elect a Democrat in the November elections based in the political demographics of the district, they might as well elect a weak uniparty Republican willing to lie / pretend to be conservative.]

But once campaign season is over … you never hear a thing. Maybe it is because they are “working behind the scenes” … lol. We hear that excuse … A LOT!!! All talk but no action!!!

Well, it has been 20+ years for some of these people preaching “Closed Primaries” … with ZERO RESULTS … so we thought we would bring you two examples today as to why closed primaries are important for South Carolina.

Remember too … South Carolina is a REPUBLICAN SUPER MAJORITY state … we know Democrats don’t want closed primaries, Republicans are supposed to want closed primaries, so why can’t we get closed primaries?

PLUS, it is right there in our SC Republican Platform. Again, why can’t we get closed primaries?

“We believe political parties have the right to choose their nominees; therefore, we support primaries that are open only to registered voters of that political party.” – SC Republican Platform


TWO CASE STUDIES: Some folks might think it is not really a big deal or that it doesn’t really happen that much … so we wanted to bring you two examples today of Democrat leaders that actually vote in the Republican Primaries.

If Democrat leaders are voting “Republican” … don’t you think they are encouraging mainstream Democrats to vote in the Republican Primaries as well?

We think these examples will wake up a few people.


RUSSELL STALL: Greenville City Councilman Russell Stall is a well known political Democrat. There is no disguising it … he is a far-left leaning Democrat, and he is pretty proud of it.

We don’t fault him for his political position as people are welcome to their opinions and beliefs even if we don’t agree … but we do find it interesting that he is listed in the SC Republican Party’s GOP Datacenter as a “HARD REPUBLICAN”. Even his wife and son are listed as “HARD REPUBLICANs” … but maybe they are, we just know that Dad is not!!!

Why does the GOP list Russell as a Hard Republican? Probably because he votes in every June Republican Primary … per our records back to 2000 … except for one!!!

It is absolutely incredible … but see below for yourself.



FARRIS STEELE JOHNSON: Now this example is really good. Farris is an ultra-leftwing Democrat. There have been some controversial issues around Farris … but the key here is that Farris has figured out the crossover primary game.

In 2020 Farris ran as a Democrat for Greenville County Council. Farris filed for that election … as a Democrat in March 2020.

But three months later, in June 2020 … per the SCGOP records … Farris actually voted in the Republican Primary.

Farris actually voted again … per the SCGOP Records … in the June 2022 Republican Primaries. As we pointed out, Farris has figured out the crossover primary game.

So, the problem is not getting better … the problem is getting WORSE!!!


This is standard operating procedure in South Carolina politics. Democrats vote in the June Republican Primaries and pick the Republican nominee. It is a massive frustration for conservatives … and it is clearly one of the biggest reasons South Carolina is rated by CPAC as the most liberal red state in the nation.

Question is … what are “Republican” legislators going to do about it? Will they do anything? Why have some political “activists” claimed to be for closed primaries and it is their #1 issue … but we have seen no action for years? Do they really want to close the primaries? Makes you wonder …

Will a closed primaries bill pass in the 2024 SC Legislative Session? What is your guess?

Stay tuned … and get in the fight!!!

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Georgia & NC State Convention Report

Both dramatically different from the SCGOP Convention



This past weekend both the North Carolina & the Georgia GOP State Conventions were held … and both were dramatically different from the SCGOP Convention held in Lexington on May 20th.

National Showcase Speakers!!!

First of all, both the NC and the Georgia conventions had national showcased speakers. Even though both conventions were on the same day, President TRUMP himself spoke live & in-person in both NC & Georgia.

Vivek Ramaswamy spoke at the Georgia GOP Convention and committed to pardon President TRUMP on Day #1 (Jan 20th, 2025) if elected.

“It would be much easier for me to win this election if Trump weren’t in the race, but I stand for principles over politics. I commit to pardon Trump promptly on January 20, 2025 and to restore the rule of law in our country,” Vivek said.

Even though DeSantis & Pence backed out of the Georgia GOP Convention last minute … they did both speak at the NC Convention.

Although not really a big surprise given their poor polling numbers and expected lack of grassroots delegate support in both Georgia & NC, Tim Scott & Nikki Haley were nowhere to be seen.

However, as an added bonus … Kari Lake was the keynote speaker at a dinner Friday night at the Georgia GOP Convention.

Both Conventions were TELEVISED!!!

Next, both the NC and the Georgia conventions were televised live!!! Like serious national press coverage … livestreaming both events to a worldwide audience … and with the global press in attendance.

It was a showcase event for their respective GOPs and their respective States.

The SCGOP Convention … a complete dud as it relates to the video & national press coverage. We do not believe they were allowed by the SCGOP to video or livestream the event.

Both Conventions were HUGE Events!!!

Both conventions were HUGE events where Republicans in both states could RALLY around the Republican cause. The Georgia GOP State Convention alone had 2,261 DELEGATES (compared to 943 for SC), plus alternates … and along with the Press, their convention allowed guests to attend the event as well.

It was celebration and rallying point to kickoff the 2024 presidential election season for both states. Both will be key states in the general election.

The GAGOP gave 7 1/2 Months Notice!!!

And whereas the SCGOP Convention date & location was withheld until the last moment here in South Carolina … the Georgia “2023 Convention Call” was made on October 24th, 2022 … nearly 7 1/2 months in advance.

The GAGOP Convention was a 3 DAY Event!!!

Although the SCGOP State Convention was an in & out affair … as fast as possible … the Georgia GOP State Convention was a 3 DAY EVENT!!!

It was not necessarily cheap … but although that can be an issue for some (which can be addressed in other ways) … it was a fantastic opportunity to come together and RALLY for the Republican cause.

Given the division in the SC Republican Party … we could have really used this sort of a format … that is “if” the SCGOP leadership really wanted unity, which we do not think they do since they are the source of the division with the SC Republican Party.

Remember … they want to “Keep it SMALL, to control it ALL!!!”

Tons of Convention Information:

And this was mind blowing. Go to the Georgia GOP website. There is a TON of information on the GAGOP Convention.

As compared to the SCGOP Convention … it was like pulling teeth to find any information whatsoever and we could not even get the agenda or convention rules until we got to the convention … and even the Resolutions to be passed (and a few FAQs) were only published 3 days prior to the convention. What a mess!!!

Most Importantly … No Democrat Representation!!!

And this was the kicker!!! We have not surveyed other states, but we did notice that in at least Georgia, the state delegate allocations for counties are made based on REPUBLICAN VOTERS … not population like in South Carolina. Ask yourself, why do Democrats get representation in the SCGOP?

We noticed this problem when Drew McKissick tried to ramrod H 4066 through the SC Legislature in an obvious attempt to give himself more “power” over the SCGOP. That effort passed the SC House in record speed since McKissick obviously has a great many allies there … but it failed in the SC Senate where we are told he is not liked.

SIDE NOTE: Maybe the fact Drew McKissick has more “friends” in the SC House explains why he apparently was able to stop / stall the $55 MILLION “real” school choice bill (PACE / ACE – S285) in the House while it passed in the Senate. Hmmmm …

Why not with the SCGOP Convention?

All of the above makes total sense to us … it is businesslike … and it is what leaders would be doing if they wanted to #GrowTheGOP here in South Carolina.

But as you know SC is “different” … and as we teach … the “establishment” appears to simply want to “Keep it SMALL, to control it ALL!!!”

Certainly NC & GA have their own problems and concerns with the “establishment” Republicans in those two states … but at least they seem interested in growing their respective GOPs and providing a more open and transparent process than what is ramrodded through here in SC.


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State Delegate List – Yes it was WITHHELD!

Watch what they DO, not what they SAY.



We have had a lot of people lately comment on how it was “impossible” for us to have beat Drew McKissick given the fact the SCGOP withheld the list of the 943 State Delegates, and withheld the list of the 943 State Alternates, to the convention on May 20th.

Yes, that is true … the SCGOP withheld the delegate list … and yes, how can you clear up the lies and rumors if you don’t even know “who” you need to clear up the lies and rumors with?

LOL … that is OK … well, not really, but we are not going to cry about it to all of you. What we are going to do is to keep doing our work and come back in MAY 2025 with 75 – 80% of the delegates and have the biggest celebration of an SCGOP State Convention anyone has ever seen!!!

And no … you can’t win with 50% + 1 when you are the outsider / underdog … at least you can’t win that way against people willing to “cheat” the process.

Evidence the List was Withheld:

It is always a fair question to request the “back-up” that supports anything we say. So a few people have asked for proof that we asked the SCGOP for the State Delegate List … and proof that the SCGOP refused to provide us with the list. Well, that is easy, so here it is:

On May 8th @ 9:18am, Mike Voaden, the then current Greenville County Republican Party (GCRP) State Executive Committeeman formally requested the state delegate list. Mike sent a follow-up email on May 9th @ 10:38am.

On May 11th @ 9:49am, Mark Bonnoitt, with the SCGOP, responded that per some 2020 vote by the State EC it was prohibited for the SCGOP to distributing the State Delegate List. Comical right!!!

No restrictions on sharing State EC list!!!

Why it Makes No Sense:

Obviously that answer from the SCGOP is completely devoid of any logic whatsoever.

1. A previous State Executive Committee (one from the first half of 2020) can not legally bind a future State Executive Committee without a change in the Rules. Plus, if such “vote” exists … can the SCGOP show us the minutes from this meeting … and what the vote actually said?

2. Rules, Rules, Rules!!! The “establishment” leadership at the SCGOP, DO NOT follow “rules”… obviously. There is no specific rule on this matter … but there is a clear precedent under Rule 4(c)(10) that candidates should be given a copy of the delegate list.

Furthermore, Rule 2(a) clearly states that the Rules should be applied so as to substantially accomplish their objectives.

And if that was not enough, Rule 2(a) clearly states that the spirit and not the letter of the law controls. Isn’t it clear the intent was to allow all candidates to have delegate lists … county and state!!!

The Rules:


Correct us “if” we are Wrong!!!

If we are wrong about any of the above … write us and show us what is wrong? We have run this by A LOT of people …. and it is clear that the SCGOP bent / broke the Rules.

That is not the SCGOP any of us need.or want!!!

GOOD NEWS … there were no restrictions on using the SCGOP State Executive Committee list … so stay tune and we will get that out to you next!!!

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LCRP Censures Shealy – SCGOP Next?

The censure motion easily passed 49 to 2 by the LCRP Executive Committee



On Monday night, June 5th, the Lexington County Republican Party (LCRP) led by Chairwoman Pamela Godwin censured their local SC State Senator Katrina Shealy (R – Lexington) for her covenant breaking votes against the pro-life plank of the SC Republican Party Platform.

This was not a controversial vote.  The censure motion easily passed 49 to 2 by the LCRP Executive Committee representing local precincts from all across Lexington County.  

The LCRP members presented a wide body of evidence and voted to censure Sen. Shealy,” Godwin said in a statement. “Being pro-life is a bare minimum expectation for Republican legislators in Lexington County and Sen. Shealy has unfortunately failed that test very outwardly.”

“It was clever and cute, if you are in to self promotion, but that 15 minutes of fame in the national spotlight must have been encouraging because yesterday they did it again, this time voting against a 6 week fetal heartbeat bill!”[CONTINUE READING]

Censure:  A formal statement of disapproval by someone’s political party. While a censure doesn’t remove someone from office, it can make it more difficult to gain support during elections.

What will the SCGOP Do Now?

The real question is what will the SCGOP State Executive Committee & narrowly re-elected (HERE) Chairman Drew McKissick do now?

D-Day … Saturday, June 17th: The next SCGOP State Executive Committee statewide quarterly meeting will be held on Saturday June 17th. All resolutions & censures are due to the SCGOP by Friday June 9th at noon for consideration at the meeting.

This will be the first meeting of the “new” SCGOP State Executive Committee since the 2023 Precinct ReOrg this past March, April & May. Although there are a lot of new county leaders from all across South Carolina on the SCGOP State Executive Committee … leadership under Chairman Drew McKissick still “controls” the body … so what will he do?

Will the Katrina Shealy censure motion be brought up for consideration by the entire SCGOP State Executive Committee on June 17th?

Or, will the SCGOP leadership “bury” the censure motion as they have before on so many other baseline Republican Platform resolutions and censure motions submitted previously?

This June 17th meeting, and how the Senator Katrina Shealy censure is handled, will determine the tone and direction of the SCGOP over the next two year term.

Stay tuned ….

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Controlled Opposition … Does It Exist?

The concept will require you to re-examine everything you believe.



We can’t take credit for the above image, it is from a Facebook post yesterday (HERE) by our friends at Palmetto State Watch … but the concept of “Controlled Opposition” is one of the most important in our entire political process.

Remember, “NOTHING is what it seems in Politics.  In fact, it is important to understand that many things in politics are exactly the opposite of what they appear to be.  

Controlled opposition has happened throughout history, for thousands of years, and it is most assuredly happening today.  When someone tells you times are different now … run away!!!  History repeats, and it always will … that is just part of the human condition.

Controlled Opposition: a strategy in which an individual, organization, or movement is covertly controlled or influenced by a 3rd party and the controlled entity’s true purpose is something other than its publicly stated purpose. 

The controlled entity serves a role of mass deception, surveillance and/or political/social manipulation. In most cases the controlled party is portrayed as being in opposition to the interests of the controlling party.

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” 

– Vladimir Lenin

Challenge Yourself, Think!!!

  1. Do we have any controlled opposition in SC?
  2. “Who” do you think it is?
  3. What is the solution?

1) Do we have any controlled opposition in SC? Easy answer … YES, of course we do!!!

Although it may be an effective tactic, we don’t believe in it. We in fact want to teach people about it so you are able to identify this mental manipulation when it is being used against us … and used against you! We must expose it to stop it.

But think about it, there are bad people in this world. Don’t you think they would take the “easy route” and lie, cheat or steal to get what they want? It is easy to undermine causes … and the best way to do that is from within. Too many “strange” things happen to thwart mission for it not to exist.

2) “Who” do you think it is? Folks might not be ready to handle our theories on “who”, but you should consider anyone as potential controlled opposition.

Know too, that sometimes the controlled opposition don’t even know they are the controlled opposition. They are basically good people with good intentions … but misled by others (knowingly or unknowingly) for nefarious purposes.

Consider too, one bad person can mislead a good person, who in turn misleads another good person, and so on, and so on and so on. It gets “deep”. Show a little grace as these people are victims as well.

Our simple litmus tests to identify “controlled opposition”:

  • The number one indicator, people / groups that REFUSE to come to the table to discuss matters openly and honestly. Ask yourself, what do they have to hide that would prevent them from simply discussing matters? We ask people to “talk” all the time … and some flat refuse.
  • A second indicator, pull their SLED report. There are certain personality types that are willing to deceive, and many have criminal backgrounds, either from their youth … and some more recently. We are all about 2nd chances and rehabilitation … but seriously?
  • A third test, “ladder climbers”. These are your politicians and others that want title and position … higher and higher office … and most are willing to do just about anything to get it. They rationalize doing small (in their minds) “bad things” today so that they can attain higher positions so they can do big (in their minds) “good things” tomorrow. They tell themselves they need to compromise on X bad thing today so they can become “Governor” and do Y good thing tomorrow. That is a slippery slope that never works. If they will compromise to get a position … what will they compromise once they have the position and want to keep it. Beware the “ladder climbers”.

3) What’s the solution?

Again, and easy answer – TRUST NO ONE! Citizens need to learn to question everything. Stop blindly trusting folks just because they use to be “good”, or they are a “friend”, or they say the things you want to hear. Check sources and verify everything yourself!!! Know that nothing is as it appears in politics, and it’s often the opposite. As we teach, “Watch what they DO, not what they SAY!”

And always, #FollowTheMoney!!!

“Think for yourself, or others will think for you without thinking about you.” 

– Henry David Thoreau

Controlled Opposition is a challenging concept.  It will require you to re-examine everything you believe.  But, what do you have to lose?  If you are wrong in your beliefs, don’t you want to know it?  Why go through all this work and effort … if the reality is you are in fact aiding your own enemy.


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