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OPINION: SC Needs Judicial Reform

Who do our judges really serve?




Do you know that SC is the only state in the nation (Virginia has a similar hybrid method) whereby our judges are selected by our legislature?  That includes the lawyer legislators at our SC State House in Columbia that appear before these very same judges.

Who do you think has the upper-hand in court … your lawyer, or the lawyer who is also the person who put them on the bench (and controls whether they are re-appointed or advance to a higher judicial office)?

“Who do our judges really serve?”

The Alex Murdaugh murder case in Hampton County has really brought this issue to the forefront.

This is a little known issue for most South Carolinians … but it is one of the most impactful on all of us.  Without a fair judicial system, there is not justice in our great state.

We will have more in the coming weeks on this and other opinion issues from our members.


Jeff Davis
Chairman, Greenville County Republican Party



No more excuses.  We started to purge the RINOs in the SCGOP, and we stated because the mainstream #FakeNews media is in bed with our local politicians and government.  No more will stories be swept under the rug.  If you have a story that needs to be exposed … send it to us and we will get it out there.  Have an opinion piece, or want to write a series, submit your writings to us at  See something we can do better, let us know.  We are about #WeThePeople … so here is your chance to stop complaining and start do something about it.  They are watching and reading … let’s start exposing it all.

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FCC Outlaws AI RoboCalls

“Trust what you see, not what you hear”



Have you gotten one of these Artificial Intelligence (AI) RoboCalls?  We have and it was REALLY good quality … but it was not a real person.

The one we received was from the Nikki Haley campaign.  It sounded like a real person, it could respond to generic questions … so if you were not expecting it, responded “typically”, you could have had an entire conversation and made a donation with … a robot.

This AI RoboCall controversy started with a deceptive DEEP FAKE robocall in the New Hampshire Primary in January using an AI generated voice of Joe Biden.   The call told voters to “save” their vote for November … essentially telling folks not to vote in the primary.  Listen HERE.

There is a huge ongoing investigation by the New Hampshire Attorney General to determine “who” is responsible … and so far it is being traced to a company in Texas (HERE).  We would not want to be that political consultant!!!

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) was also quick to act by outlawing these AI generated robocalls.  See article below and the FCC Press Release HERE.

AP Article:  HERE

It is becoming easier and easier to clone peoples voices.  We actually saw video of a Governor Henry McMaster Press Conference where the Governor was saying some really “weird” things.  Well … it wasn’t real.

TRUST NOTHING!!!  They old saying used to be “trust what you see, not what you hear” … well guess what … with these DEEP FAKES you can’t trust anything anymore.

And realized these things really are not hard to make.  We have even heard that there are DEEP FAKES going around about “regular folks” … even us here at mySCGOP with some rather nasty and disgusting things.  

The new rule … STOP trusting things you hear & even “videos” you see … ASK THE PERSON!!!

More to come we are sure … so stay tuned …

Send us your opinion on this great debate … and how you would like to see it solved … by hitting REPLY or emailing us at

Have an opinion? Different or in agreement? About the above or something else? If so, speak up as we want to hear from you! Send your letters to and we will be happy to share it with our readers. #SaveSouthCarolina!


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First Community Bank “SprinklerGate” – LCRP Lexington Update

This is really not a good look for FIRST COMMUNITY BANK!



Sometimes you see something really STUPID and you say to yourself you have got to be kidding me!!!

Well, late last night we did just that when we were sent the latest development in the First Community Bank Protests in Lexington. (See HERE for backstory.)

CEO & Co-Founder Mike Crapps (HERE) apparently does not like the Lexington County Republican Party (LCRP) demonstrating outside his main branch & corporate headquarters building located at 5455 Sunset Blvd, Lexington, SC 29072 … so he turned the sprinklers on the protesters!!!

Yes … “you have got to be kidding me!!!”

First Community Bank … not your “Hometown” bank!!!

Why is this so shocking?  Well, anyone in business knows you can’t turn your sprinklers on a public sidewalk … especially on a busy 4 lane thoroughfare … and force people into the busy street.  We have not checked the specific traffic statistics for the location, but from what we have seen (and it is like our HQ in Greenville), there must be 30,000 cars a day passing by … and the sidewalk directly abuts the roadway.  It’s DANGEROUS!!!

We can assure you that if their “lawyers” knew what was going on they would have a meltdown!  One problem may be in looking at their bank “Leadership” page (HERE) … it does not appear First Community Bank even have an inhouse General Counsel.  We all joke about lawyers … but they do keep you out of trouble and CEO Mike Crapps & First Community Bank might want to consult with one.

Aside from the “Public Relations” Disaster … this “thuggish” act by the bank is a law school 101 case study on what not to do.  Why?  If anyone get’s hurt or killed … if a car wreck occurs on the wet roadway … who do you think will be paying the price?  First Community Bank?  It’s not complicated.

COMPLAINT FILED!  We have been told that the incident has been reported to the Town of Lexington, including by a constituent directly to Mayor Hazel Livingston (HERE).  This is a pretty standard noncompliance issue.  Another business owner advised they have seen the Town of Lexington intervene with in a similar sprinkler wet sidewalk situation (although there was no apparent bad intent in that case).  It will be interesting what happens next from the Town, and if “politics” plays a part.

MUCH MORE TO COME?:  Yes, stay tuned … we are told more protests are planned … including in other cities across South Carolina.  It is getting interesting, and #SprinklerGate did not win CEO Mike Crapps & First Community Bank any friends in the Grand Old Party (GOP) across the State of South Carolina … and First Community Bank has SCGOP Chairman Drew McKissick to thank for dragging them into it all.

As reported earlier … this is really not a good look for FIRST COMMUNITY BANK!

BONUS REPORTING:  What is interesting to us however as financial people, and it may just be coincidence, is that First Community Corporation’s stock price (FCCO) has tanked since this incident began back on December 21st, 2023 … down from $21.10 per share to a $17.57 close yesterday (down 16.7%) … and down another 4.67% in overnight trading.

Yes, it could be a coincidence and there could be other issues at First Community Bank (as the rest of the stock market seems to be doing fine over the same time period) … or maybe it is God’s intervention … but it would seem prudent for CEO Mick Crapps & First Community Bank to address this issue upfront and professionally … as opposed to playing the BULLY and “turning on the sprinklers”.

Stay tuned … 

Background Info:

January 31st, 2024 Article:  HERE

Send us your opinion on this great debate … and how you would like to see it solved … by hitting REPLY or emailing us at

Have an opinion? Different or in agreement? About the above or something else? If so, speak up as we want to hear from you! Send your letters to and we will be happy to share it with our readers. #SaveSouthCarolina!


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SC Judicial Reform – Solicitors Pascoe & Brackett

Isn’t JUDICIAL REFORM a non-partisan issue? 



Last night the Greenville County Republican Party (GCRP) hosted guest speakers Democrat Solicitor David Pascoe (1st Judicial District – Calhoun, Dorchester & Orangeburg) & Republican Solicitor Kevin Brackett (16th Judicial District – York & Union) speaking about SC Judicial Reform … and the event / presentation was FANTASTIC!!!

SMALL GROUP WALKOUT … FALLS FLAT: But the evening was not without a security threat & controversy which necessitated the presence of local Mauldin PoliceSLED and a Solicitor’s Office Investigator to provide security protection.  This information is apparently not something the “UNIPARTY” … and in this case Lawyer-Legislator “status quo”, SCGOP supporting RINOs … aka the “splinter group” … want to get out to the public.  

From a threat assessment perspective, the “protest” fell completely flat as only a few guests walked out of the presentation simply because the presenter was a Democrat elected official.  Isn’t JUDICIAL REFORM a non-partisan issue?  #WakeUp!!!

A DEMOCRAT CALLING OUT RINOs?:  We here at mySCGOP work hard to EXPOSE the the corruption within the party and legislative process … especially in the realm of JUDICIAL REFORM … but we find it interesting that it takes a Democrat to call out “RINOs” … as well as call out the Drew McKissick supported “splinter group” … all for their hypocrisy!!!

This small Greenville “splinter group” refused to listen to an elected Democrat LEO (law enforcement officer) … but they also refuse to call our their “Republican” friends putting Democrats on the Bench as Judges???  Seriously, why won’t they join the fight for JUDICIAL REFORM???

You know the answer … and as we teach … 

“Watch what they DO,

not what they SAY.”

Well, as we also teach, ignore those folks and their childish drama … and focus on the WORK!!!  Watch last nights video tape to hear real life stories about what is going on in our SC Courtrooms!!!  Hear how VICTIMS can not find JUSTICE!!!  It is truly hard to believe.

Friends, we have a problem with Lawyer-Legislators in Columbia, the conflicted Judicial Merit Selection Commission (JMSC) (HERE) … and our failed SC Judicial System … the citizens of South Carolina are starting to figure it out … and the calls for REFORM are growing.

More to come … 

Video (starting at 19:15): HERE

Send us your opinion on this great debate … and how you would like to see it solved … by hitting REPLY or emailing us at

Have an opinion? Different or in agreement? About the above or something else? If so, speak up as we want to hear from you! Send your letters to and we will be happy to share it with our readers. #SaveSouthCarolina!


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Not ESG, Not DEI … but MEI

Cities are racing for higher scores



Friends, if you did not see yesterday’s email … do not miss the opportunity to join us on MONDAY, February 5th, 2024 in Greenville SC (actually Mauldin) for a JUDICIAL REFORM presentation that will be like none other you will see.  Hear directly from SC Solicitors who appear in the Courtroom daily … not just legislators “talking” reform bills that have no first hand experience … and hear examples of what is really going on with our Lawyer-Legislators in Columbia, the conflicted Judicial Merit Selection Commission (JMSC) (HERE) … and our failed SC Judicial System.

JOIN US!!!  


Full mySCGOP Article: HERE

GCRP Event Details: HERE

We have all been hearing about Environmental, Social and Governance scores (ESG) & Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) … but have you ever heard anyone talk about a Municipal Equity Index (MEI)???

WHAT IS MEI???:  It gets deep … but basically this appears to be the coordinated push for expanded LGBTQ+ Rights within our Cities all over America by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation (Wikipedia HERE).  They raise about $25 million per year … so well funded for sure.

You can learn more about their MEI scores by going to their website ( … but basically Cities are scored based on a set of criteria.  Here are a few … 

  • Non-discrimination laws. This category looks at whether LGBTQ+ discrimination is prohibited by law in areas of employment, housing, and public accommodation.
  • Municipality as employer. Cities can achieve points for inclusive employment policies like trans-inclusive healthcare policies and non-discrimination in city employment.
  • Services and programs. This section considers the city’s efforts to include LGBTQ+ folks in city services and programs.
  • Law enforcement. Looking at the relationship between law enforcement and the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Leadership on LGBTQ+ equality. This section looks at city leadership’s commitment to advocacy and inclusion.

Once you see the criteria, you can start to understand why Government & Elected Officials wanting a “higher score” are doing what they do.

Do a little “google research” and let us know what you find / think. 

HOW DID WE FIND IT???:  Well we had never heard anyone talking about MEI … and were floored to learn about it (but not surprised as it explains a lot) … but our friends in the Greenville Pro-Life Committee dug it up working on exposing the ANTIFA like tactics being employed by the Pro-Death advocates at Greenville County’s abortion clinic.  As for the Pro-Life Committee’s good work, take a look for yourself at what is going on out at Greenville’s abortion clinic:   

WELL, THAT EXPLAINS A LOT ABOUT GREENVILLE SHERIFF HOBART LEWIS!!!:  The ANTIFA like violence at the abortion clinic has gotten significantly worse over the past four years under the administration of Greenville County Sheriff Hobart Lewis (HERE) … and no one has been able to figure out why given he ran for office as a pro-life Sheriff.  [“Watch what they DO, not what they SAY.“]  Even though Sheriff Hobart Lewis is a County Official … not City / Municipal … what happens at the abortion clinic is related to the “blue” City of Greenville MEI score … and it all seems to explain the lack of law enforcement by Sheriff Lewis at the abortion clinic given the growing focus on MEI within the City of Greenville.

Plus a “do nothing” Greenville County Council made up of 10 “Republicans” and 2 “Democrats” doesn’t help either.  Anyone surprised?

More on all that revealing story some day soon … 

CITIES ARE RACING FOR HIGHER SCORES!!!   We have all been wondering why our cities / municipalities have seemingly been going more pro-LGBTQ+ … wondering why have they been setting up LGBTQ+ only commissions … and why has LAW ENFORCEMENT been more lenient on the “Left” than the “Right”.

Well … because that is how you get a HIGHER SCORE on you MEI … and we have to get a higher score … right? 

11/16/2023 Article & Video:  HERE

Think it is not happening in other cities in South Carolina … well look at the City of Myrtle Beach … and remember what SCGOP Chairman Drew McKissick did over there to the America FIRST Patriots at the HORRY COUNTY REPUBLICAN PARTY (HCRP) who all voted out the “establishment” in ReOrg 2021.

A higher MEI score … better for business & the Chamber of Commerce … and thus better for Drew McKissick??? We are sure this MEI mess is something our HCRP America FIRST Patriot friends would have been fighting … yet Drew McKissick targeted them (like GOP Leadership in Greenville, Oconee, Lexington, etc., etc.) for removal.

Well in Myrtle Beach, their MEI score skyrocketed from 59 to 99 in 2022 … all at the same time Drew was removing opponents to MEI.

Yes, Drew is just a small part of the overall issue … but are we connecting the dots and seeing what “Republicans” are doing statewide???

Watch the video in the article … it is amazing stuff.

BOARDS & COMMISSIONS: And as an important sidenote … this is an “official” Board & Commission for the City of Myrtle Beach (HERE)!!! Think any conservatives are on that board? We keep reminding folks … it’s not just library boards … you need to get on all BOARDS & COMMISIONS … NOW!!! (See HERE & HERE)

More on MEI later … but get this on your radar today!!!

11/16/2023 Article & Video:  HERE

Send us your opinion on this great debate … and how you would like to see it solved … by hitting REPLY or emailing us at

Have an opinion? Different or in agreement? About the above or something else? If so, speak up as we want to hear from you! Send your letters to and we will be happy to share it with our readers. #SaveSouthCarolina!


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Remember the Debt Clock?

South Carolina’s debt is $41 billion



US Debt Clock: HERE

World Debt Clock: HERE

Bonus – SC Debt Clock: HERE

Do y’all remember the National Debt Clock (HERE)? Well if you love numbers, like we do, you are going to love this.

The National Debt Clock is a billboard-sized, running total display, that shows the United States gross national debt and each American family’s share of the debt.

The clock’s first incarnation was installed on February 20, 1989, in New York City one block away from Times Square. The national debt stood at $2.7 trillion that year.

IS THE DEBT CLOCK ACCURATE?: Well, it is as accurate as the numbers produced by the respective governmental entity / level … but as many of us know, there are a lot of “off book” liabilities and financial obligations (think pensions, etc.) that are unaccounted for in these numbers … but that is a longer discussion and a lot to debate … however the US Debt Clock is a great place to start in understanding our economy and what is really going on behind the financial scenes with our politicians.

US Debt Clock: HERE


As noted above, when the National Debt Clock (now called the US Debt Clock online) came out in 1989, it sat at $2.7 trillion. Today it is a staggering $33.7 trillion and growing by over $1.7 trillion per year.

There is still a billboard clock in New York, but most of us follow the online version … with a whole lot more data … online at

Check out all the numbers and decide for yourself … but we would encourage you to look at relative numbers … today vs. the past. For example … the Debt to GDP ratio. The debt may be higher today, but the debt to productivity / income ratio is a staggering 2 1/2 times more than than normal. Seems problematic … right?

World Debt Clock

World Debt Clock: HERE


There is also a World Debt Clock which is very interesting to compare the US to our counterpart nations. We are obviously at the top of the total debt list … but based on public debt to GDP, relatively we are about normal … but what is “normal”?

The worst on the list … JAPAN … and we thought they were the smart ones.

The best on the list … RUSSIA … which is rather interesting. Imagine if Russia ran up their national debt like we and other western countries like to do … or better yet, imagine if the US practiced more principled financial measures like it appears Russia is doing.

Click around an let us know what you think and what we might be missing.

SC Debt Clock

SC Debt Clock: HERE


Finally, and interestingly enough, they also have individual state debt clocks.

South Carolina’s debt is $41 billion … but that does not include “unfunded” pension liabilities which is an estimated $114 billion as of 2022 (See HERE).

Remember, you can’t fix the problem unless you are aware of the problem. Do your research!!!

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America FIRST Coalition Announces Candidate Slate

Bringing Transparency TO SCGOP



America FIRST grassroot coalition has announced a slate of candidates running for the top leadership positions for the South Carolina Republican Party.

Jeff Davis, the Greenville County Republican Party outgoing Chairman and incoming State Executive Committeeman is challenging Drew McKissick for the SCGOP Chairman position.

Olga Blandford, Charleston County Republican Party member and Precinct EC is seeking the SCGOP 1st Vice Chair position.

Lanneau Siegling, Lexington County Republican Party State Executive Committeeman is running to be the SCGOP 2nd Vice Chairman.

The grassroot patriot slate is looking forward to grow the South Carolina Republican Party bring much needed financial and other transparency, raise & elect CONSERVATIVE Republicans (not ones that only have “Rs” behind their names), pass CONSTITUTIONAL, conservative bills & legislation.

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