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Do you Trust Anonymous Information?

Stephen Brown, Chad Connelly & Drew McKissick lies



ON A PERSONAL NOTE … from Jeff Davis (updated 4/14/2023 at 8:57am)

Happy Easter!  

Today is the Saturday before Easter, known as Holy Saturday and the conclusion of Holy Week.

Holy Week, in the Christian church, is the week between Palm Sunday and Easter, observed with special solemnity as a time of devotion to the Passion of Jesus Christ.

This season, and the past week especially, is supposed to be a week of truth and forgiveness, and opportunity to turn back to God.  

We have seen anything but faithful acts this past week … from anonymous sources, spread by people claiming to be good Christians or good “Republicans”.

As we get closer to party “elections”, the crazy has ramped up and we expect it to ramp up even worse until we are past the SCGOP State Convention. [Note, why at this late date do we still not know the date of our SCGOP State Convention? Is it a political tactic to give the establishment another advantage?]

What I find most interesting is watching what most of us would consider to be good people spread “anonymous” lies and false information … and do as if it was fact.

Some of this stuff is so voluminous you do not even know where to start.  

A couple key facts:

1. THE STEPHEN BROWN LIES:  No, I am not #1 funded by George Soros and #2 I am a Christian!  A particularly distasteful insinuation Mr. Brown is making all across SC is that I am not Christian … we presume because we don’t support him running for SCGOP Chairman as he may be worse than Drew.  These are two of the biggest lies out there being spread by attorney Stephen Brown … a ladder climbing, backstabbing, gutless (can’t pull the trigger), #NeverTrump, lawyer out of Greenville who has run for about every office possible (including SCGOP Chairman years ago, plus US Senate & US Congress) … who ENDORSED NATE LEUPP (against Patriot Pressley Stutts in 2019 because Pressley did not support him for US Congress in 2018 – talk about petty) … and now at the end of his political career he has as his final ambition to be the “PAID” SCGOP Chairman.  Stephen Brown is our former GCRP State Executive Committeeman (for about 6 months after Pressley died) who came in late and BEGGED for our support to get that position. He was vetted, then I was brought in for final approval, he promised he was on board with our agenda … and then “flipped” immediately and tried to led a coup.  Stephen then quit in March 2022 (you will love the video .. stay tuned) when he lost a ridiculous MOTION before the GCRP Executive Committee to essentially take over the Greenville County Republican Party. He was working with the RINO “establishment” / Randy Page.

We think Stephen Brown is completely in the Drew McKissick camp (remember … “watch what they DO, not what they SAY”) as the only way he can become SCGOP Chairman is to get votes from RINOs and mislead Patriots to think he is one of US.

Stephen Brown is also a key factor as to “why” the SCGOP illegally took over the Greenville County Republican Party ReOrg.  By travelling the State of South Carolina meeting with folks all over (including SCGOP State ECs that voted to takeover the GCRP 2023 ReOrg) and “inferring” that Jeff Davis is funded by Soros and not a Christian … is it any surprise what happened? Heck, I’d vote to take over a county GOP if I thought they were infiltrated by George Soros pagans too … but it is all Stephen Brown lies … so BE AWARE!!!

The rest of these address Chad Connelly / Drew McKissick lies:

2. I have never been disbarred from the practice of law, much less been disciplined professionally (either publicly or privately).  I never took the SC Bar Exam even though I graduated from USC Law School. I am only licensed in Georgia as I took that bar exam (early , in July 1993) before graduating USC Law in December 1993 with my Law / MBA degree (early as well as I was supposed to graduate in May 1994).  My State Bar of Georgia Number is 212555. Click image below.

3.  I have not lost my CPA license.  Again, only licensed in Georgia where I worked in Atlanta for 18 years after law school. No public or private professional discipline there either.  Click image below, search Middle Name “Jefferson”, Last Name “Davis”. My Georgia CPA License number is 18241.

4.  I have never been convicted of a crime, never been indicted, never interviewed by the police for any crime … not aware of anyone having ever even accused me of a crime to the police or law enforcement. Oh, and no DUIs, no public intoxication or anything remotely like that. Nothing ever “expunged” either … absolutely as straight laced boring as you can get!

A police officer did give me a ride one-time when I had car trouble and I got to sit in the back seat. It was kind of fun.

5.  I never lost my Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) financial licenses … or any of my insurance licenses (I had a life insurance license and “maybe” a property & casualty insurance license as I recall, but need to check) … although I did give them up long ago when I got out of that business.

6. Yes, my wife Olga Lisinska and I ARE MARRIED, and have been married since July 23rd, 2010 … so please do feel free to remind me when the anniversary date comes up. We started dating in April 2007 while in Atlanta when we were introduced by an Australian friend of mine (Duke University PhD Graduate) that at the time worked for me doing business development. My friend had meet and married a Polish girl … and thought we would hit it off after they met Olga a friends bonfire event.

Similar to the Stephen Brown “I’m not sure if he is a Christian or not” innuendo, the rumor that Olga and I were unmarried and living together (in sin being the inference of course) was started to alienate Christian Conservatives here in Greenville against us.

7. NO, my wife Olga Lisinska is not an illegal immigrant, and has never been an “illegal” or received any welfare benefits.  Olga is originally from communist Poland where she stood in ration lines as a child for coffee, sugar and meat.  She came to America on a J-1 Visa as an Au Pair, which was extended and later converted to a student visa. Although she is not a US Citizen, Olga does hold a valid US Green Card like 13.6 MILLION (as of 2019) of our neighbors, friends and fellow taxpayers.  Olga is eligible to apply for citizenship, and was in the process, but after being “targeted” by the SC Department of Revenue in 2014 and the attendant sexual harassment she suffered we put it on hold. You might have as well if in her shoes.

8.  I was involved with two other partners in a 2008 $5 MILLION (out of $12 million) privately held leveraged bank investment deal (probably one of the smallest deals I did back in those days, so don’t get excited about the “big” number … it’s not abnormal.)  It was the largest privately held bank headquartered in Atlanta at the time, and the CEO was a well-known client of mine. The other $7 MILLION of bank stock was purchased by a large private family office of 2 of the bank board members whose family was well worth over half a billion at the time. It was a good deal, it was a private friends & family deal, bank insiders were purchasers, and the investment was expected to have tripled in a few years. However, Obama was elected, my client was a conservative, and the FDIC was know for picking & choosing “winners” during the financial crisis. The deal went bad when the bank was closed by the FDIC in 2009 (like 465 other banks nationwide) during the Great Recession and banking crisis. I lost a CIVIL lawsuit over it all … but that is it. One of the partners (a couple who were close family friends at the time-both internationally recognized doctors) lost $950,000 in cash … but public records show they were worth about $20 MILLION at the time. Nobody is out on the streets, and I am not Bernie Madoff.

9.  No, I did not forge bank loan documents in the above 2008 investment deal … although as part of their legal defense the couple above … after EACH ADMITTED TO SIGNING THE LOAN GUARANTEE DOCUMENTS IN FEDERAL COURT FILINGS … later claimed to have not signed loan guarantees.  Perhaps just good legal advice (or unethical coaching) from their self-interested lawyer?

10.  As part of the above 2008 $5 MILLION investment deal, I did SUE the attorneys for the FDIC related to the bank loan (the attorney were particularly dirty) … and I was very pleased with the settlement of that case.  (Even though it has been 10+ years, the confidentiality settlement documents prevents me from discussing the specific financial details of that settlement.)

11.  I did give up my ability to use the “CFP” mark after self-reporting the above bank deal litigation when I renewed. I could have just let it expire and no one would be the wiser … but I self-reported thinking there was nothing here wrong with the bank transaction. I did not “defend” giving it up, so yes, technically it was “revoked”. To me it was similar to a membership being revoked for failure to continue paying a membership. There was a report that I was essentially forced to agree to which was provably false. Legal counsel advised me not to dispute any of it as it was so so provably false. I guess I need to do a special report / comparison on that too?

But, the CFP is not a “license” … it is not a professional government license at all, it is just a private brand marketing tool mainly used by insurance agents … and to be a CFP all you had to have was a HIGH SCHOOL DEGREE (through 2007) and pass a test, so we are not talking about a “profession” as a CFP is not required for any profession.  I took the test / signed up in 1997 because my international CPA firm paid for it, and it was an easy test to pass. So yes, my ability to USE the branded marking was technically “revoked” … but it was revoked because I did not defend it and I did not keep paying what is now a $455 annual fee, and I did not think it was anything important professionally at the time … nor do I associate a lot of importance to it now.  The CFP (certified financial planner) is mainly a PRIVATE “marketing” designation used by non-professionals / non-CPAs & Lawyers.  

12.  The SC Department of Revenue battle … a politically “fabricated” Audit Report … and our school choice fight for K-12 kids with special needs (I am Chairman of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Palmetto Kids FIRST Scholarship Program) is a much longer discussion which we would love to follow-up with. To sum it up however, numerous SC Department of Revenue employees have been disciplined and/or terminated over it … and the then Director of the Department of Revenue, Camden attorney Rick Reames (a political hack of Nikki Haley), “resigned unexpectedly”, I think in large part because of the entire matter.   [P.S.  No, my wife Olga did not make $33,000 per month … I don’t think she ever made more than $50k / YEAR working 24/7 … and I personally never made a dime.]

13. No, the School Choice Non-Profits Do Not Get to Keep 10%: This is a bizarre accusation as it has never been more than 5% here in South Carolina that the non-profits can allocated to administrative expenses. By law, at least 95% of all fundraising must go to scholarships … and at 5% that is one of the lowest rates in the nation … and it is in fact less expensive than the administrative costs the government incurs to administer similar programs. Additionally when we and Palmetto Kids FIRST were involved, legislators reduced the fee to 3%, capped at $200,000. So in 2015 when PKF raised $6 million for children’s scholarship … only $180,000 was incurred for administrative and other expenses (which included donations back to our schools – we donated challenge grants to pay for two school buses – and scholarships to kids that did not technically qualify under the law but we wanted to help). Try to find us a government program that is that efficient. This accusation of keeping 10% is going to be a key issue in the future as it shows the real intent here to advocate for the monied special interest ESAs so they can profit (see HERE).

14. Have you heard that I have 255 or more lawsuits … against thousands of upstanding Republicans? Well, I have had about 7 or 8 lawsuits, against about 25 or so people … most of which I was Ordered by a Court to name as potential defendants. I will check the details and link a blog post here as well, but do know that all of those lawsuits are defamation related, and one in particular exposed substantial malfeasance in the Exceptional SC scholarship program. But ask yourself, what would you do if people were falsely saying you were a convicted felon, or had forged documents, or had been disbarred … at some point you have to stand up. I would have thought a lawsuit (or 7) would have stopped the lies, but they only seem to resurface with other unsuspecting individuals being used by the establishment. It’s like a big game of Whac-A-Mole.

1,000% OPEN & TRANSPARENT:   It is not always fun or comfortable … and it is stressful and trying at times … but in our fight for K-12 children with special needs, Olga and I have had to be completely open about everything in our lives.  Would YOU do the same for these special kids?  Most won’t to the extent we have had to do, but we hope you will do what you can.

Call, text, email anytime … join us for any of our open forum Q&As … get on a zoom call … whatever it takes … but seek truth and please call out those that spread lies and misinformation.  Those people are hurting children.

My general offer to naysayers is WE will meet with anyone, anytime and anyplace, we can meet publicly or privately, on or off the record … and I will sign any legal release the person wants (since they now claim I will sue people if they simply talk with me … which is completely laughable).  

Will Chad Connelly or Drew McKissick do the same???  How about attorney Stephen Brown???   Will they be 1,000% transparent and discuss these things publicly so all of you know the truth???

Any questions, just ask as we all know what it means to “assume”.  😉  

My contact information is below … and I am here 24/7 for for this fight and for the children.

Jeff Davis, JD, MBA, CPA(GA)

Chairman, Palmetto Kids FIRST Scholarship Program
Chairman, Greenville County Republican Party
Executive Committeeman, Timberlake Precinct
843-901-8036 (cell)

FITS 2024

TRUMP v Haley – Betting & Polling UPDATE

So what is her “endgame”?



The Real Clear Politics Betting Averages … as well as the RCP Polling Averages … both show Nikki Haley has virtually NO CHANCE of becoming the 2024 GOP Nominee for President.  

So what is her “endgame”?

Or maybe the better question is what is her DONORS “endgame”?

We can only speculate … but most seem to believe that Nikki Haley’s donors would prefer 4 more years of JOE BIDEN than 4 years of DONALD TRUMP … and that even includes her “Republican” donors and supporters.

Well, it will be interesting how much longer Haley stays in the race … and really interesting how many “Democrats” cross-over (or don’t) in the SC Presidential Preference Primary this Saturday February 24th … but we are told her campaign has AD BUYS through they March 5th Super Tuesday … so expect another two weeks at least.

But in reality … this is embarrassing.

RCP Betting Averages:  HERE

RCP South Carolina Polling Averages:  HERE

Send us your opinion on this great debate … and how you would like to see it solved … by hitting REPLY or emailing us at

Have an opinion? Different or in agreement? About the above or something else? If so, speak up as we want to hear from you! Send your letters to and we will be happy to share it with our readers. #SaveSouthCarolina!


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Happy President’s Day 2024

February 19th, 2024



Today is PRESIDENTS’ DAY, so read up on the history of this holiday and enjoy the day off with family and friends.

Know too that in just FIVE DAYS, Saturday February 24th, 2024, South Carolinians will be determining who will likely be the next President of the United States.  If you are a Republican, remind your friends and neighbors to GET OUT THE VOTE (GOTV).

We haven’t had a Republican Primary in South Carolina in 8 years … early voting is going on statewide (just not today) on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday … and the Big Presidential Preference Primary (PPP) is on Saturday from 7am – 7pm.  Let your voices be heard and …


Wikipedia (HERE)

Election Day Countdown (as of 02/19/2024):

  • Saturday, Feb. 24th, 2024 – 5 days (SC Presidential Primary)
  • Tuesday, March 5th, 2024 – 15 days (Super Tuesday)
  • Saturday, March 16th @ Noon – 26 days (SC Filing Opens)
  • Monday, April 1st @ Noon – 42 days (SC Filing Closes)
  • Tuesday, June 11th, 2024 – 113 days (SC Primaries)
  • Tuesday, Nov. 5th, 2024 – 260 (ELECTION DAY)

Send us your opinion on this great debate … and how you would like to see it solved … by hitting REPLY or emailing us at

Have an opinion? Different or in agreement? About the above or something else? If so, speak up as we want to hear from you! Send your letters to and we will be happy to share it with our readers. #SaveSouthCarolina!


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Happy Sunday – February 18th, 2024

Romans 8:18



God promises the faithful a beautiful spiritual inheritance. That does not mean our lives are to be perfect. Just the opposite, we should expect and be ready to face the broken world and suffering in this life. Know your faith well, give glory to your Father, know that God calls you to expose the darkness and shine the light … in anticipation for what HE still has waiting on you!

I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.”
Romans 8:18

To repeat from last Sunday (HERE),  we live in wicked and dangerous times (…). Christ died for all of us, and all of will be judged according to our works.

Happy Sunday!

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Who Is Fixing FIRST STEPS?

Why would a member of the SC Freedom Caucus sponsor a leftist bill?



Back on June 20th, 2023, the day after the Governor signed the new FIRST STEPS “Fiscal Accountability” bill (H4023) into law we wrote about this bill. We noticed it because it was pushed through outside of session (during the summer) and was passed UNANIMOUSLY by both the SC Senate & the SC House.

Read the article HERE.

Read the H4023 Bill:  HERE.

FIRST STEPS is also a darling program of the left.  We knew this because it was a negotiating tool in our school choice fight over the past decade.  In order to get any advancements for “school choice” … the left (in this case Democrat former Senator Vincent Sheheen) would ask for more “stuff” for FIRST STEPS.  Guess what, he always got it, and we got nothing for school choice.  This is why we are involved!!!

Those are all HUGE “red flags” when it comes to legislation as the SC State House … and that is before we even get into the details of the bill …

(#1) Allowable overhead expenses were increased from 8% to 13% … that is a massive increase for the leftist Pre-K reading program.

(#2) Public Library Employees are now required to be on each of the 46+ FIRST STEP partnership boards.

(#3) More child “data sharing” with the government.

Who would agree to any of that???

Stewart Jones (R – Laurens) – Lead Sponsor of H4023

We were further surprised when we discovered that the lead sponsor of this bill was no other than Rep. STEWART JONES of the SC House Freedom Caucus … and now a candidate for US Congress to replace the retiring U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan (HERE).

Why would a member of the SC Freedom Caucus sponsor a leftist bill? Then we noticed a whole lot of the SC Freedom Caucus members sponsored the bill.

Strange right???

Not really. There is A LOT of money in education … and it is good to have the leftist (which you just gave a 62.5% raise to) on your side when you are running for higher office … like Congress.

THE GRASSROOTS MISSED IT!: Where was the “CALL TO ACTION” from the SC Freedom Caucus to help get this bill passed? There was none because if we had been asked to call in support of this bill, someone would have read the bill … and asked the question … WHY???

This needs to be fixed … by the SC Freedom Caucus.

We have reached out to the SC FREEDOM CAUCUS several times to ask about this mess … with no response.  We have searched the newly filed bills since passage … and there is nothing that we can find that will fix this mess.

So we are asking publicly … what is the status???  Who is going to fix the obvious errors of H4023 as championed by the SC Freedom Caucus???



Send us your opinion on this great debate … and how you would like to see it solved … by hitting REPLY or emailing us at

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FITS 2024

Democrat Crossover Voting?  A New Twist!




Democrats vote in the Republican Primaries! It is a fact, and it is a REAL PROBLEM.  We shared with you last summer an example of two far-left RABID Democrats … actual Democrat candidates for office … that regularly vote in Republican Primaries … one is currently sitting on Greenville City Council (HERE).  Democrats do it openly … they don’t care … and our “Republican” Supermajority at the State House won’t do anything to fix it.

And neither will SCGOP Chairman Drew McKissick & the SCGOP State Executive Committee.  They all like the status quo as Democrat crossover voters is how a lot of their friends get re-elected.

Well, we also know Democrats are crossing over in the Republican Presidential Preference Primary between President TRUMP and Nikki Haley.  We have seen Democrats posting openly about it on social media … and it is to be expected.

However, in an interesting twist, about two weeks ago Democrat National Committee (DNC) Chairman Jamie Harrison (from South Carolina) publicly stated about Nikki Haley that South Carolina Democrats aren’t “bailing you out”.  (HERE).

The question … was he serious? 

2/3/2024 HILL Article:  HERE

Well, it looks like Jamie Harrison & the SC Democratic Party may hold true to that commitment. 

Republicans go through a “reorganization” aka ReOrg every two years … and so do Democrats … they just do it in different years (at least until 2025 when Democrats and Republicans will hold their ReOrg at the same time – an interesting change right).  As such, the Democrats are holding their final even year ReOrg in March 2024.

But guess what … the SC Democrats have publicly stated that “No one who votes in the 2024 Republican Presidential Preference Primary can participate in our county conventions.”  

So … Democrats are EXCLUDING crossover voters in their 2024 Precinct ReOrg.  

Yes, it could be a head-fake and the Democrats could “wave” that rule … or just not check for violations like the SCGOP does with their RINO friends where “selective enforcement” runs rampant for rules violations … but it is a new development from the SCDP.

We can’t wait to see how much crossover voting may help Nikki Haley … but this is an interesting development from the Democrats.

Stay tuned … 

“No one who votes in the 2024 Republican Presidential Preference Primary can participate in our county conventions.”

Find My (SCDP) Convention Link:  HERE

mySCGOP Article:  HERE

Election Day Countdown (as of 02/15/2024):

  • Saturday, Feb. 24th, 2024 – 9 days (SC Presidential Primary)
  • Tuesday, March 5th, 2024 – 19 days (Super Tuesday)
  • Saturday, March 16th @ Noon – 30 days (SC Filing Opens)
  • Monday, April 1st @ Noon – 46 days (SC Filing Closes)
  • Tuesday, June 11th, 2024 – 117 days (SC Primaries)
  • Tuesday, Nov. 5th, 2024 – 264 (ELECTION DAY)

Send us your opinion on this great debate … and how you would like to see it solved … by hitting REPLY or emailing us at

Have an opinion? Different or in agreement? About the above or something else? If so, speak up as we want to hear from you! Send your letters to and we will be happy to share it with our readers. #SaveSouthCarolina!


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Happy Sunday – February 11th, 2024

Proverbs 22:22-23



We live in wicked and dangerous times. Stir clear of evil. Strive to be righteous. The evil heart hates others, mocks them for things that they may or may not control, abuse them. Treat those vulnerable and helpless with greater care. Stand up for them. Christ died for all of us, and all of will be judged according to our works.

“Don’t walk on the poor just because they’re poor, and don’t use your position to crush the weak, Because GOD will come to their defense; the life you took, he’ll take from you and give back to them.”
Proverbs 22:22-23

To repeat from last Sunday (HERE),  never give up. Do not get discouraged. Live life to the fullest. Work with all your might, despite the destructions, and those that wish for you to fail.

Happy Sunday!

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