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South Carolina GOP “Power Play”



You have to watch the video below if you want to fully understand the ridiculous nature of what the SCGOP “establish” does.  

There at two major parts to H 4066 (HERE) which was filed this past Wednesday, and had a hearing the next morning at 9AM (unheard-of!!!).

Now this is incredible.  You can read all about it in the article below from our friends at Palmetto State Watch … but watch the video.  This “Election” bill was filed at 3PM on Wednesday, added to an agenda at 5PM … and had a sub-committee meeting with TESTIMONY from nonother than DREW MCKISSICK at 9AM the next morning.

Don’t let anyone ever tell you legislation “takes time” to get through the system.  The SC House BROKE ITS OWN RULES (or at least bent them substantially) to move this at the speed of light with the hope nobody noticed it.

Read the details below from Palmetto State Watch … but we have a few suggested AMENDMENTS our legislators should all support coming on this bill that will FLIP the the bill on its head.  Drew opened a can of worms in his efforts to cheat #WeThePeople … but let’s turn it into good.

#1. The bill seeks to quash any primary election appeals within the SCGOP by requiring a$5,000 bond.  The reason?  It is too expensive for the SCGOP to hold a meeting of the State Executive Committee in Columbia with a room that will hold 100 people and provide snacks.  Seriously, that is in the video.  [And the most ridiculous thing about this bill … if the “jury” rules against your appeal, the “jury” keeps your $5,000 bond!!!  How is that for the new American Jurisprudence.  Shame on Drew McKissick!!!]

#2.  The bill seeks to consolidate “power” (for lack of a better term) behind Drew McKissick by reducing the influence of LARGER “Republican” Counties.  The reason?  Drew McKissick can’t find a venue in Columbia SC that will hold the 2,000 people a large SCGOP Convention would need.  Seriously … he can’t find a venue … and he is admitting he wants a SMALLER SCGOP CONVENTION!?!?!?!

As we teach … they want to keep it small to control it all!!!

We will let our ELECTION INTEGRITY friends take the lead on fixing the (#1) the election appeal provisions … but we have the FIX for (#2) Drew McKissick’s attempt to consolidate his “power” … 


Had Drew McKissick not tried this “power play”, no one would be talking about this issue … and now EVERYBODY is, so thank your DREW!!!

First … look at what he is trying to do with H 4066:

It is clear what SCGOP Chairman Drew McKissick is attempting to do with H4066 is to consolidate his “power” by taking delegates away from conservative “Republican” areas and spreading it around to smaller areas (where he has “personal” influence) and to DEMOCRAT areas of South Carolina.


Fortunately, Drew McKissick’s crazy “power play” has now opened the door for us to FIX what is wrong with the legal representation structure of the SCGOP in the first place … and here are the two major fixes that are now being proposed:

It is clear what SCGOP Chairman Drew McKissick is attempting to do with H4066 is to consolidate his “power” by taking delegates away from conservative “Republican” areas and spreading it around to smaller areas (where he has “personal” influence) and to DEMOCRAT areas of South Carolina.

1. DELEGATE VOTER BASE AMENDMENT: H4066 takes convention delegates away from large counties and transfers them to small counties where Drew McKissick has more “personal” influence. Like the US House and SC House of Representatives, there is no +2 (current) or +3 (H4066 proposed) provided additional representation to smaller counties. Delegates should be based on actual party voters … the actual constituents of our representatives … and that can easily be done using the previous November’s “top of the ticket” voters (i.e., the Presidential race & SC Governor’s race). This is exactly how State Law already allocates PRECINCT DELEGATES (using “R” voters, not population).

2. STATE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE AMENDMENT: Why does Greenville County with 108,222 Republican voters in the 2022 Governors race have 1 vote on the SCGOP State Executive Committee, while Allendale County which had 562 Republican voters in the same race have 1 vote? Greenville has literally 192 times more Republicans than Allendale, but the same representation one the State Executive Committee? That is clearly not fair and just on example of the inequities of the system designed to protect moderates. Like your local County Legislative Delegations, votes should be allocated (as with convention delegates, and as now done in the SC Senate having constituent based districts as opposed to one vote per county).

Drew McKissick’s GREEDY “Power Play” just may get this whole system FIXED for #WeThePeople!!!


Be Like This Guy!!!

others going along to get along is likely your biggest enemy …



You may have seen this image before, but it is an exceptional personal exercise to imagine yourself in 1936 Germany and ask yourself … “what would I have done?”

Help Them?

Fight Them?

Or just sit on the couch?

It should have been clear then, but when everyone around you is doing one thing, and you want to put food on your table, it is hard to stand up and do the obvious right thing.

Although the identity of this man is not truly known, he is believed to be August Landmesser (HERE). Landmesser run afoul of the German Nazi Party over his unlawful relationship with Irma Eckler, a Jewish woman. Unlawful for “dishonoring the race”, specifically “racial infamy,” under the 1935 Nuremberg Laws (HERE).

Yes … that was just 88 years ago.

Different Times?

Some will say we live in different times … that things are more advanced now … more civilized. But look around you, is it different today? Has human nature changed that much since then? It hasn’t changed in two thousands years … and we don’t think it has changed much in the last 88 years either.

SCHOOL CHOICE: Our personal cause that dragged us into this political mess is simple … “real” school choice for K-12 children with special needs. We did not seek it out, we fell into it by chance. But then we saw obvious corruption, all over money & control, that put children last. It was being perpetrated by “leaders” … by elected officials & conservative think tanks … all for the financial benefit of the monied special interest … and their personal paychecks. (HERE, HERE & HERE) We had to stand up and fight it!!!

But guess what … A LOT of “good” folks just sat on the couch, or worse, helped them … and many still are to this day!!!

No, it is not just school choice … it is EVERYWHERE!!! It is all the issues you care about … and the corruption exists locally, at the state level … and in Washington, DC. Whatever you are fighting for … others going along to get along is likely your biggest enemy … like in 1936 Germany.


Consider what you WILL do when presented with the situation … because it is TODAY!!!

Get involved … #BeThisGUY!!!

Election Day Countdown (as of 9/7/2023):

Tuesday, Nov. 7th, 2023 – 61 days
Saturday, Feb. 24th, 2024 – 170 days
Tuesday, June 11th, 2024 – 278 days
Tuesday, November 5th, 2024 – 425 days

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Under Pressure?  VOTE NO!!!

It is one of the most common tricks in the “establishment” book



It is one of the most common tricks in the “establishment” book … bring up something dramatic that you have to vote on RIGHT NOW!!!

No time to think about it (or figure out the truth) … “they” need you to vote this way, this very second, on a major issue. Just “trust me”.


We saw that here in Greenville with the Greenville County Convention back on April 24th, 2023 … the establishment / opposition candidate for Chairman, Sam Manley, came out with a video literally one day before the convention (falsely) claiming that Federal Election Commission records showed that Yvonne Julian (the ultimate winner – HERE) had donated to Democrats in 2014, 2016 & 2018. A local establishment news blog even shared the false claim as well (conveniently without fact checking as they had endorsed the “establishment” ticket) … so people believed it must be true, right?

Well, had it been true it would have been disturbing … but it wasn’t true at all, not by a longshot … A COMPLETE LIE!!!

Some convention delegates figured it out in time, but the vote was closer than it should have been … 438 to 405 … likely because some people believed the LIE. And had Yvonne lost, because of a LIE, what would have happened?

Nothing!!! There are not “do overs” in elections (or leadership votes) … at least not immediately in most cases. And no one seems to suffer the ramifications of these LIES. Sam Manley should be ashamed to show his face (like some of the others that help perpetrate the LIE), but he is in fact today parading himself around as a “TRUMP County Captain” … hanging out buddy buddy with establishment politicians … all after outright LYING 4 months ago in a vain attempt to win an election. Is that right? No, we don’t think so!!! It wasn’t an innocent mistake … to us it was a career killer.

And, what does it say about the people who condone these outright LIES??? That is most troubling part … how can anyone condone outfight LIES like this? Doing so won’t bode well for those people either. Unrepentant LIES can not be tolerated.

Realize people LIE in politics because it works … and that is our fault … we can not fall for the LIES or the last minute “crisis”!!! #LearnTheirTricks!!!

Nor can we condone these LIES by looking the other way after the fact.

So … as a RULE … when there is a last minute “crisis”, just table to vote for a later time so people can consider the matter … or if you have to vote, vote against whatever they are pressuring you to do, or whatever last minute revelation that comes out.

State & Local GOP Meetings:

Since there are no ReOrg or Convention elections until March & April 2025, we are seeing this “trick” play out at local county and the state GOP meetings.

36 HOURS NOTICE: We saw it out of SCGOP Executive Director Hope Walker who 36 hours before the June 17th State Executive Committee meeting informed Jeff Davis (the Greenville State EC elected on April 24th) that he could not attend the meeting. No time to correct the situation or for other County ECs to consider the matter. A made up “crisis” to force through a nefarious outcome.

The vote to keep Davis out was much closer that the SCGOP “establishment” wanted (HERE) … but your county State ECs should have voted “NO” (and allowed Davis in the meeting) for no other reason than the matter should not have been sprung on everyone at the last minute. #LearnTheirTricks!!!

So, why did the SCGOP wait until the last minute to deny Davis entry … because, like LIES, it worked (at least this time)!!!


We are also seeing this tactic play out at local County GOP meetings.

Groups of individuals, often some co-opted MAGA & America FIRST folks who want to be in leadership / power themselves, working (overtly or covertly) with the old guard “establishment” who want to do everything they can to slow down the America FIRST agenda. Don’t fall for these tricks!!!

[NOTE TO SELF …if you have to work with RINOs against other America FIRST Patriots to cobble together the votes you need … you might be on the wrong side!!!]

It happened in the 2021- 2023 ReOrg term with both the Horry & Oconee County GOPs where the “establishment” were able to use these political tactics to take back the local county party.

But folks are waking up to those “tricks”. The disenfranchised and “establishment” will keep trying it as it does work sometimes … but #LearnTheirTricks!!! Don’t fall for it. Hold the Line!!!

Again … as a RULE … when there is a last minute “crisis”, just table to vote for a later time so people can consider the matter … or if you have to vote, vote against whatever they are pressuring you to do, or whatever last minute revelation that comes out.

Keep swinging friends … we are #Winning!!!

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Are YOU on a Board or Commission Yet?

There are 4 levels of boards. City, County, Legislative & State



Friends, we introduced you to the myriad of Citizen Boards & Commissions all over South Carolina back in January (HERE). There must be thousands of these various volunteer boards … and there are opportunities galore!!!

Today we are here to #1 check to verify if you have gotten on one yet … and #2 remind you to do so ASAP if you have not yet!!!

These are important … so GET INVOLVED!!!

There are 4 levels of boards. City, County, Legislative & State.

Our rule of thumb … EVERY SC PATRIOT needs to be on one board for each level. (Obviously if you don’t live in a city you can’t be on a city board … but we all qualify for the other three.)

TIME COMMITMENT? Some boards may meet monthly, some almost never. Whatever it is … DO IT!!!

HOW TO FIND YOUR BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS? Alright … as normal … they don’t make it easy to find these opportunities, and each county is different. Do a quick internet search using your county name, and add boards and commissions. Some jurisdictions call them “committees”, so add that to your search parameter as well.

You can find it, and then help other patriots in your community sign-up as well.


City of Greenville Boards (Deadline Feb 1st): HERE

Greenville County Boards (Deadline Sept 30th): HERE

Greenville Legislative Boards (Deadline Sept 8th): HERE


City of Charleston: HERE

Charleston County Boards (Deadline Sept 11th): HERE

Charleston Legislative Boards: HERE

STATE BOARDS (over 250!!!): HERE


As we teach … if your butt is not sitting in that seat, whether it is a Board & Commission or an elected office … someone else’s is … and chances are you will not be happy with what they are doing.

Look at the problem with the NO CONCELABLE WEAPONS signs in the Charleston County Parks. (HERE) That was a problem with the members of the Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission (CCPR). If 2nd Amendment Patriots were the majority on that commission, we would have never had the problem in the first place.

So, you can love the 2nd Amendment all you want … or whatever your cause may be … but if you just complain on FaceBook and don’t get on a Board & Commission … we don’t want to hear it anymore!!!



Let us know what you are doing in your city or county to get yourself and others involved with Boards & Commissions … or elected office. Have you sent this to opportunity to members in your PRECINCT? You need to!!!

Let us know at

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