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#CaptureSC – MAGA Caucus Meeting




MAGA Patriots are getting together for a fellowship and workshop on making SC conservative again!

Get educated about Precinct ReOrg Strategy and how you can get engaged locally in your community.

Patriots including Keith Blandford, Lauren Martel, Barbara Arthur, Zoe Warren and Trucker Bob Musselwhite will be speaking on different issues.

In order to attend you will be required you to RSVP either via email or via the Eventbrite

See y’all there!!!


RULE 6 – Congressional District Organizations

Read and Learn



SCGOP Rules (v2022-07-30):  HERE

Yesterday we shared with you the CALL TO CONVENTION for the 7 SCGOP Congressional District Conventions coming up in April (HERE).   All America FIRST SCGOP State Delegates should REGISTER … and attend!!!  Consider it mandatory to #SaveSouthCarolina!!!  😉 

Well, guess what … there are 3 1/2 pages of “Rules” about these 7  SCGOP Congressional District Organizations … including details on the conventions.

We won’t repeat the entire Rule 6 here … it is 3 1/2 pages … but click below … read Rule 6 … and let us know if you have any questions or see anything interesting.  It is critical to know the RULES!!!

READ RULE 6:  “Congressional District Organization” – HERE

March 28th, 2024 mySCGOP Article:  HERE

Jan 19th, 2024 mySCGOP Article:  HERE

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FITS 2024

Upcoming Congressional and State Convention

EVERYONE who is a MAGA / America FIRST state delegate or state alternate should attend



A few months ago we introduced you all to the every FOUR YEAR SCGOP Congressional & State Conventions held prior to the RNC NATIONAL CONVENTION where we will select the GOP Presidential Candidate (HERE).

With South Carolina leading the way … we know that the GOP nominee will be President TRUMP … but very few people seem to know about these upcoming Congressional Conventions or the State Convention.

South Carolina has 50 National Delegates & 50 National Alternates to send to the RNC National Convention this year in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from Monday, July 15th, 2024 – Thursday, July 18th, 2024.

Well … now we know the dates and times for selecting those 50 NATIONAL DELEGATES & 50 NATIONAL ALTERNATES … and EVERYONE who is a MAGA / America FIRST state delegate or state alternate should attend!!! Your attendance is “mandatory” if for no other reason than to “learn” about the process … but to also support your America FIRST candidates for the available positions. #VoteAmericaFIRST!!!

Do you really want Nikki Haley supporters going to the RNC National Convention? Hmmm … think about it.

If you were a STATE DELEGATE or a STATE ALTERNATE … here is the Eventbrite link to register for your respective CONGRESSIONAL CONVENTION.

All SCGOP Congressional Conventions: HERE

1st District – Saturday, April 13th at 10AM: HERE

2nd District – Tuesday, April 23rd at 7PM: HERE

3rd District – Saturday, April 13th at 10AM: HERE

4th District – Saturday, April 20th at 9AM: HERE

5th – District – Saturday, April 13th at 10AM: HERE

6th District – Saturday, April 20th at NOON: HERE

7th District – Saturday, April 6th at 10AM: HERE

(*Verify all dates and times on SCGOP Eventbrite)

Yes you should go!!! Reunite with fellow America FIRST friends, learn the process, and support your respective America FIRST candidates.

Elections will consist of a Congressional District Chair, Vice Chair & Secretary … as well as 3 National Delegates + 3 National Alternates.

Be warned however, if you want to be a NATIONAL DELEGATE or ALTERNATE, you will have to cover your own travel and lodging cost which are estimated to be around $3,500 … so don’t run for a spot if you can’t go for the full week or would rather spend your dollars at the beach this summer.

We don’t know the location or time yet … but we do know the STATE CONVENTION will be on Saturday, May 4th, 2024 … presumably somewhere central in the midlands / Columbia / Lexington area.  It will be BIG and like the state convention last May 2023 with 943 STATE DELEGATES & 943 STATE ALTERNATES eligible to attend.

At the convention we will elect the remaining 29 NATIONAL DELEGATES & 29 NATIONAL ALTERNATES.

The 2nd reason to show up for the STATE CONVENTION … we have heard that Drew McKissick and the RINO Establishment want to push through more “Rule Changes”.  They did this to slow down the America FIRST movement with their “Special Called Convention” on July 30th, 2022 … let’s see what tricks they may have in store for us this May 4th, 2024.

The RINOs don’t have the numbers now like they did in 2022 … but we have to SHOW UP!!!


Jan 24th, 2024 mySCGOP Article:  HERE

Have an opinion? Different or in agreement? About the above or something else? If so, speak up as we want to hear from you! Send your letters to and we will be happy to share it with our readers. #SaveSouthCarolina!


Make a Charitable Donation TODAY: HERE

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FITS 2024

Truth Social … now Publicly Traded!

TRUMP’s personal net worth skyrocketed by $4 BILLION



Yahoo Finance “DJT”:  HERE

Monday March 25th, 2024, will go down in history as a really, really, really GOOD DAY for President TRUMP!!!

First, a New York Appeals Court lowered the insane $454 million court bond payment to appeal the New York AG’s case to an equally insane, but manageable, $175 million bond.  That reduction as well as an extension of 10 days appears to be enough grace for President TRUMP to fulfill the obligation and preserve his properties in the State of New York.

DC_Draino (HERE) had the best meme of the day … 

DC_Draino Video:  HERE

Truth Social goes PUBLIC!!!

  • $4 BILLION!!!

But the YUGE news for President TRUMP from March 25th, 2024, is finally … TRUTH Social will be a publicly traded company … and the stock symbol … get ready for it … DJT!!! You can’t make this up either!!!

The government approval / administrative process which should have taken 3 or 4 months … took TRUTH Social nearly 2 years. No, you really can’t make this up either, and yes this is happening in America, in our Republic.

But as with most bad deed … the finalization of the technical merger to allow TRUTH Social to become a publicly traded company could not have come at a better time as he seemingly solidifies his position for the 2024 November election.

Now with public valuation data, TRUMP’s personal net worth skyrocketed by $4 BILLION sending him onto the Bloomberg 500 wealthiest list for the first time ever … and that is before the 43% stock price increase so far today on the first day of trading.

Good things happen to good people … so keep fighting folks!

Yahoo News Article:  HERE

Yahoo Finance “DJT”:  HERE

Have an opinion? Different or in agreement? About the above or something else? If so, speak up as we want to hear from you! Send your letters to and we will be happy to share it with our readers. #SaveSouthCarolina!


Make a Charitable Donation TODAY: HERE

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FITS 2024

Candidate Filings

SEI & Campaign Finance Disclosures



SC Ethics Commission – SEI: HERE

This week we have learned how to “track” candidates (HERE) and how much it costs to file to run for office (HERE)! Today, let’s review the Candidate Filings.

Statement of Economic Interests (SEI)

The general idea of the Statement of Economic Interests is as stated, to disclose the candidate’s or elected official’s “economic” or financial interest. Read more about it HERE and in the mySCGOP article below … and have fun looking up the SEI of your favorite politicians!

Campaign Finance Disclosures
Campaign Finance Disclosures (initial, quarterly, pre-election & final) are for reporting the donations and expenditures of candidate’s campaign account. Remember – if you intend to spend any money on your campaign, you will need to open a separate campaign bank account – you cannot use your personal one!

As with any filing, there are deadlines on the Campaign Finance Disclosures that is YOUR responsibility to follow. For State and Local 

candidate campaign filings you would go to  to file while for Federal positions (US House & Senate), you would got to
For more details click HERE or the mySCGOP article below.

mySCGOP Article:  HERE

mySCGOP Article:  HERE

Send us your opinion on this great debate … and how you would like to see it solved … by hitting REPLY or emailing us at

Have an opinion? Different or in agreement? About the above or something else? If so, speak up as we want to hear from you! Send your letters to and we will be happy to share it with our readers. #SaveSouthCarolina!


Make a Charitable Donation TODAY: HERE

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PUSH POLLS … It’s All About Manipulation

Don’t be annoyed by the calls … accept the call … LEARN and enjoy.



It is going to be an interesting and EDUCATIONAL primary election season coming up. We talk a lot about the “mental manipulation” that goes on in campaigns and politics generally … and you are going to see a lot of that over the next 208 days leading up to the June 11th, 2024, primary election.

Know their games … and don’t be mislead.

We received our first PUSH POLL call last night. It came from a “scam likely” local caller ID … it purported to be an “opinion poll” gauging support for DONALD TRUMP … but it quickly devolved into a lot of innuendo about a current elected official (a Congressman) and asked if that made us more or less likely to vote to re-elect him.

It was a classic political manipulation phone call … it was good practice to take the call and see firsthand what these political campaigns are all about (i.e., manipulating YOU) … and kinda fun to give them all sorts of whacky answers.

Don’t be annoyed by the calls … accept the call … LEARN and enjoy.

P.S. … and the irony of it all, the negative push poll was apparently conducted by a current elected official (and it now appears a challenger for this “higher office”) who complains constantly about the push polling and misleading negative mailers about him. Isn’t that ironic … and appears to confirm to many that he is just another politician. #LearnTheirTricks

There is a lot of information out there on the internet about PUSH POLLS, so google around if you want to study the topic extensively … as you should.

Wikipedia (HERE) tells us “A push poll is an interactive marketing technique, most commonly employed during political campaigning, in which an individual or organization attempts to manipulate or alter prospective voters’ views under the guise of conducting an opinion poll. Large numbers of voters are contacted with little effort made to collect and analyze voters’ response data. Instead, the push poll is a form of telemarketing-based propaganda and rumor mongering, masquerading as an opinion poll. Push polls may rely on innuendo, or information gleaned from opposition research on the political opponent of the interests behind the poll.”

We could tell last night the individual on the other end of the line had ZERO interest in what our answers were. His sole intent, as stated above, was to infer certain NEGATIVE traits of the current elected official … and ask how that made us “feel”.

[PERSONAL NOTE: Yes, all this is really sad for our Country once you understand exactly what these politicians (and their campaign consultants) are really trying to do. It explains how we got in this mess and shows we must do different if we want a different result. Laugher is sometimes how we have to get through it … “laughing on the outside, crying on the inside” … but the key is to figure all this out. Again, #LearnTheirTricks!!!]

And who pioneered push poling? According to Wikipedia … it was Richard Nixon. Isn’t that interesting as well.


Richard Nixon 1946 bid for US House: “This is a friend of yours, but I can’t tell you who I am. Did you know that Jerry Voorhis is a communist?” – at which point the caller hung up. Democrat Congressman Voorhis was not a communist, Nixon admitted to knowing he was not, but Nixon won.

George W. Bush 1994 bid for Governor of Texas: Voters were asked “whether they would be more or less likely to vote for Governor Ann Richards if they knew that lesbians dominated on her staff”. Wow!!! But, Bush won.

George W. Bush’s 2000 Primary Campaign for President: Voters in South Carolina reportedly were asked “Would you be more likely or less likely to vote for John McCain for president if you knew he had fathered an illegitimate black child?” It was a hypothetical question, which seemed like a suggestion, and appears to have had no substance. But, again, Bush won.

Were we happy with Nixon & Bush? Hmmm …

South Carolina’s famous political consultant, and former RNC Chairman, Lee Atwater (HERE), was also well known for using push-polling among his aggressive campaign tactics, though apologized for this in later life prior to his premature death from a cancerous brain tumor in 1991 at the age of 40.

So, ask yourself … do the ends justify the means? Do we want a politician that is willing to win at all cost? Is it the Christian thing to do … to manipulate voters? Are we OK with a candidate that is willing to “manipulate” the masses just to get elected? If the candidate is manipulating the masses … isn’t it likely he is also manipulating US?

If they will lie to GET the office, what will they do later to KEEP the office?

You decide …

Push Polls … #Desperation!!!

“If they will lie to get the office … what will they do later to keep the office?”

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Find your Voting PRECINCT Name, Sample Ballot & Voter ID Number



One of the most common questions we get while getting people involved in the political world is, “How do I find out the name of my precinct?” Well, it is on your voter registration card … or you can easily find it online at

The video below will explain step by step how to look up SC registered voter’s Voting Precinct Name & Voter ID Number. During an election season, you will also be able to look up you Sample Ballot – no excuse of heading to your voting booth without knowing who to vote for! Look up your sample ballot prior to the Election Day, DO YOUR RESEARCH, and GOTV!

NOTE: Voting locations change often, especially in off-year elections like in 2023. You should ALWAYS check your voter registration & sample ballot before each election.

Watch the below video explaining how to access all the information mentioned above on

“How To” Video:


Check Your Voter Registration:

Sample Ballot:

YouTube: HERE

Sample Ballot:


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