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#CaptureSC – MAGA Caucus Meeting




MAGA Patriots are getting together for a fellowship and workshop on making SC conservative again!

Get educated about Precinct ReOrg Strategy and how you can get engaged locally in your community.

Patriots including Keith Blandford, Lauren Martel, Barbara Arthur, Zoe Warren and Trucker Bob Musselwhite will be speaking on different issues.

In order to attend you will be required you to RSVP either via email or via the Eventbrite

See y’all there!!!


How Many Delegates Per Precinct?




UPDATE 3/2/2023: Estimated Precinct Delegates for all 46 counties, click HERE. Send corrections to

Since South Carolina Republican Party will not publish the number of delegates that are allocated for every county precinct, let’s learn how to CALCULATE the number. That is going to be the number of delegates each precinct sends to your County Convention.  THIS IS YOUR TARGET NUMBER OF MAGA / America FIRST DELEGATES YOU WILL NEED.

We have published the estimated number of delegates for your COUNTY HERE, now let’s calculate the number for your precinct.

HOW TO CALCULATE YOUR PRECINCT DELEGATES:   It is actually pretty simple.  See SCGOP Rule 4(c)(6) below.  Basically your precinct has 1 delegate for every 25 “Republican” votes in your precinct in the June 14th, 2022 Republican Governor’s Primary.  It is simple math … and for those of you MATH GEEKS (like us), you can use the Greenville examples below as a template.

SCGOP Rule 4(c)(6): How to calculate precinct delegates.

County Delegates by Precinct: Per SCGOP Rule 4(c)(6), Greenville example:

Which “Votes Cast”?: June 14th, 2022 Republican Gov. Primary.

WHY IS THIS DATA IMPORTANT?:  In order for America FIRST SC Patriots to “vote out” the RINO establishment in your county (about 80% of the current GOP County Leadership) … you will need to know the total number of County Convention delegates for your individual county and precinct.  If your county has 250 potential precinct delegates to your County Convention …  you will need 126 delegates (50% plus 1) to WIN your county leadership for the America FIRST movement (although we recommend targeting 80% of the vote).  We will teach you more on this in the coming weeks, so stay tuned …


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Get Involved – Apply For Boards & Commissions

If YOU are not sitting in those seats … someone else is!



If you are looking for ways to get involved apply for a Board or Commission. We have become very good at pointing out bad decisions members of different Boards or Commissions make or the way their vote. Guess what – YOU can be making those decisions! The vacancies need to be filled … and if YOU are not sitting in those seats … someone else is!

There are County-Wide Boards, Legislative Delegation Boards & State-Wide Boards.

SO … go to your county website and search for the County-Wide and Legislative Delegation Board & Commissions. You should be able to find lists of vacancies and deadlines to apply. You can search for the State-Wide Boards HERE.

As an example, in Greenville County we have all the below vacancies coming up, with the January 31st deadline to apply.

Click HERE to access online Greenville County-Wide Boards application or HERE to download and print a copy.

Click HERE to access online Greenville Special Tax District Boards application or HERE to download and print a copy.

Submit application online or mail to:
Greenville County Council
301 University Ridge
Suite 2400
Greenville SC 29601

Fax to:

or Email to:

Let us know if you have any questions:

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Find your Voting PRECINCT Name, Sample Ballot & Voter ID Number



One of the most common questions we get while getting people involved in the political world is, how do I find out the name of my precinct? The video below will explain step by step how to look up SC registered voter’s Voting Precinct Name & Voter ID Number.

During an election season, you will also be able to look up you Sample Ballot – no excuse of heading to your voting booth without knowing who to vote for! Look up your sample ballot prior to the Election Day, DO YOUR RESEARCH, and GOTV!

Watch the below video explaining how to access all the information mentioned above on

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