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Drew McKissick mocks Conservatives for Hosting CWP Classes

Does the current SCGOP Chairman not support gun education and the 2nd Amendment?



Drew McKissick, the current chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party (SCGOP), this week mocked conservative Republicans for hosting two gun education classes for party membership. The two Concealed Weapons Permit classes were sponsored by and the Greenville County Republican Party (GCGOP).

Should be a good thing, right? Not per Mr. McKissick as he had this to say …

“Having to stoop to this to build a crowd?”

Drew McKissick, Current SCGOP Chairman

So the SCGOP does not support gun education? When the NRA and other groups promote and host gun education classes, is that “stooping” as well? Who exactly are we “stopping” to?

Mr. McKissick has previously refereed to the the originators of the email as “lepers”, and a brief statement by the Greenville County Republican Party Chairman (GCGOP) was posted on Facebook:

“No Drew, we ‘lepers’ as you called us, actually do support the 2nd Amendment. You should try it sometime. #MAGA”

Developing …


MORE #AmericaFIRST Voter Suppression

South Carolina GOP “Power Play”



You have to watch the video below if you want to fully understand the ridiculous nature of what the SCGOP “establish” does.  

There at two major parts to H 4066 (HERE) which was filed this past Wednesday, and had a hearing the next morning at 9AM (unheard-of!!!).

Now this is incredible.  You can read all about it in the article below from our friends at Palmetto State Watch … but watch the video.  This “Election” bill was filed at 3PM on Wednesday, added to an agenda at 5PM … and had a sub-committee meeting with TESTIMONY from nonother than DREW MCKISSICK at 9AM the next morning.

Don’t let anyone ever tell you legislation “takes time” to get through the system.  The SC House BROKE ITS OWN RULES (or at least bent them substantially) to move this at the speed of light with the hope nobody noticed it.

Read the details below from Palmetto State Watch … but we have a few suggested AMENDMENTS our legislators should all support coming on this bill that will FLIP the the bill on its head.  Drew opened a can of worms in his efforts to cheat #WeThePeople … but let’s turn it into good.

#1. The bill seeks to quash any primary election appeals within the SCGOP by requiring a$5,000 bond.  The reason?  It is too expensive for the SCGOP to hold a meeting of the State Executive Committee in Columbia with a room that will hold 100 people and provide snacks.  Seriously, that is in the video.  [And the most ridiculous thing about this bill … if the “jury” rules against your appeal, the “jury” keeps your $5,000 bond!!!  How is that for the new American Jurisprudence.  Shame on Drew McKissick!!!]

#2.  The bill seeks to consolidate “power” (for lack of a better term) behind Drew McKissick by reducing the influence of LARGER “Republican” Counties.  The reason?  Drew McKissick can’t find a venue in Columbia SC that will hold the 2,000 people a large SCGOP Convention would need.  Seriously … he can’t find a venue … and he is admitting he wants a SMALLER SCGOP CONVENTION!?!?!?!

As we teach … they want to keep it small to control it all!!!

We will let our ELECTION INTEGRITY friends take the lead on fixing the (#1) the election appeal provisions … but we have the FIX for (#2) Drew McKissick’s attempt to consolidate his “power” … 


Had Drew McKissick not tried this “power play”, no one would be talking about this issue … and now EVERYBODY is, so thank your DREW!!!

First … look at what he is trying to do with H 4066:

It is clear what SCGOP Chairman Drew McKissick is attempting to do with H4066 is to consolidate his “power” by taking delegates away from conservative “Republican” areas and spreading it around to smaller areas (where he has “personal” influence) and to DEMOCRAT areas of South Carolina.


Fortunately, Drew McKissick’s crazy “power play” has now opened the door for us to FIX what is wrong with the legal representation structure of the SCGOP in the first place … and here are the two major fixes that are now being proposed:

It is clear what SCGOP Chairman Drew McKissick is attempting to do with H4066 is to consolidate his “power” by taking delegates away from conservative “Republican” areas and spreading it around to smaller areas (where he has “personal” influence) and to DEMOCRAT areas of South Carolina.

1. DELEGATE VOTER BASE AMENDMENT: H4066 takes convention delegates away from large counties and transfers them to small counties where Drew McKissick has more “personal” influence. Like the US House and SC House of Representatives, there is no +2 (current) or +3 (H4066 proposed) provided additional representation to smaller counties. Delegates should be based on actual party voters … the actual constituents of our representatives … and that can easily be done using the previous November’s “top of the ticket” voters (i.e., the Presidential race & SC Governor’s race). This is exactly how State Law already allocates PRECINCT DELEGATES (using “R” voters, not population).

2. STATE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE AMENDMENT: Why does Greenville County with 108,222 Republican voters in the 2022 Governors race have 1 vote on the SCGOP State Executive Committee, while Allendale County which had 562 Republican voters in the same race have 1 vote? Greenville has literally 192 times more Republicans than Allendale, but the same representation one the State Executive Committee? That is clearly not fair and just on example of the inequities of the system designed to protect moderates. Like your local County Legislative Delegations, votes should be allocated (as with convention delegates, and as now done in the SC Senate having constituent based districts as opposed to one vote per county).

Drew McKissick’s GREEDY “Power Play” just may get this whole system FIXED for #WeThePeople!!!

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ReOrg Election Law Violations – Call Your State Senator (and SLED?)

It sometimes seems that no public officials will DO THEIR JOB!!!



In our observations, they do not do their jobs because they are SCARED of certain legislators … otherwise called the “good ole boy network”.   It is destroying SC and must stop!!!

Weeks ago we reported to the SC State Election Commission (SEC) that the SCGOP has, in an unprecedented move, “taken over” the Precinct ReOrg & County Convention in Greenville, and that move was ILLEGAL.  

It is a CLEAR VIOLATION of SC Code Section 7-9-70.  You know … it VIOLATES SOUTH CAROLINA ELECTION LAW!!!

Read about it by clicking HERE or the image below.

Worse yet, the Chairman of the Greenville County Republican Party … the effected County … has called SEC Executive Director Howard Knapp and he has refused to return the call.

Why would a Mr. Knapp refuse to return the call from the GCRP Chairman & others?  Is there something “more important” in February 2023?  We know of no elections … so what is more important … other than making sure he does not say something that would get the SEC in more trouble?

STEP 1:  Call Your Senator!!!

If Mr. Knapp is not going to do his job … he should not be CONFIRMED by the SC Senate.  

If Mr. Knapp is going to do the bidding of political bosses like Drew McKissick … and aid them in VIOLATING THE LAW … he should not be CONFIRMED by the SC Senate.

Ask your SC State Senator to INSIST that Mr. Knapp DO HIS JOB!!!  You all have read the law (HERE) … it is not complicated … and if he does not do his job and YOUR SENATOR votes to confirm him … you know “who” your SC State Senator serves, and it is not #WeThePeople!!!

STEP 2:  Report to SLED!!!

Next, do know that SLED has a new reporting system for election law violations.  Section 7-9-70 is in Title 7, ELECTIONS.

Let’s see if SLED and Chief Keel will “promptly review all reported violations and take action as it determines appropriate.”  Section 7-25-30.

Stay tuned … 

Noted Irony:  Whereas a lot of us are involved as we are NOT happy with the 2022 election law changes … the new law really did not do much to add to Election Transparency (or Integrity) … but both of the above two points (Senate confirmation & SLED reporting) are new to the Law.  Wouldn’t that be ironic if the these changes STOP Drew McKissick’s tyranny.  😉 

Let’s see if the new 2022 Election Law additions are worth anything … 

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President Trump Endorses 2023 Precinct ReOrg

How do you eat an Elephant?
One bite at a time!



Do you want to want to get rid of the RINOs (“Republicans In Name Only) in South Carolina?  Did you know SC is ranked the MOST LIBERAL “RED” STATE in the nation?  YES, we have a RINO problem right here in SC and #ReOrg2023 is the next step in fixing that problem.  

Who, more than any other politician, wants to get rid of RINOs?  Perhaps President TRUMP?  Well President Trump has seen the way and it is with our friend, Arizona Attorney & West Point Graduate Dan Schultz’s

On February 27, 2022 President TRUMP endorsed Precinct ReOrg Strategy:

“Just heard about an incredible effort underway that will strengthen the Republican Party,” Trump said Sunday in a statement emailed to his supporters. “If members of our Great movement start getting involved (that means YOU becoming a precinct committeeman for your voting precinct), we can take back our great Country from the ground up.” 

Others are huge fans of #ReOrg2023 being the way to “TAKE BACK” our Republican Party such as Steve Bannon and General Mike Flynn.  Watch this video below where Steve interviews Dan Schultz on WAR ROOM.

Q: How do you eat an Elephant?
A: One bite at a time!

Let’s take back our great State of South Carolina from the RINO Establishment one precinct at a time … let’s “take back our great Country from the ground up.”

Get involved TODAY →

Let us know if you are ready for a training in YOUR area … and we will make it happen!

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